Snapchat: How to Record a Hands-free Video

If Snapchat users want to record themselves doing anything that requires both hands, like playing an instrument or doing their hair or makeup, the most obvious method is to use the brand's glasses, the Snap Inc. Spectacles.

Yet there's another way for users with iPhones to record video hands-free and without dropping more than $100 on a fancy accessory. The catch is that with the hands-free method, users can only record eight seconds of video at a time.

How to record Snapchat video without holding the record button down:

First, users need to go into the settings for their iOS device. The next step is to click on "General," then "Accessibility" and "AssistiveTouch."

AssistiveTouch is designed to help users who require adaptive accessories and for those who experience difficulty touching the screen. Once there, users should select the option to create a new gesture.

This new gesture will mimic clicking and holding the record button on Snpachat. Once users create this gesture, they can name it and save it. The longest a gesture can last is eight seconds, so users won't be able to record hands-free for more time than that without having to select it again.

Users should make sure AssistiveTouch is toggled to the "on" position and then open Snapchat. The AssistiveTouch button is the little box that appears on the screen at all times.

Once in Snapchat, users should select the box and then select the star that says "Custom" below it, this will open the touch options including the new one that is just eight seconds of clicking and holding down one button on the screen. Users should select their new gesture and then drag the new dot that appears on to the record button in Snapchat, when the user releases the button, the recording will begin and they'll be snapping hands-free.

snpahcat screen no hands recording
Snapchat users on iOS devices can easily record without holding the record button the entire time. This photo, taken March 1, 2017, shows the log-in page of the photo-sharing camera app. ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images