Snapchat 2018 Memories: How to See Year in Review, Story From the Year

Snapchat is making it easy for users to see their year in review by packaging the memories they've saved during the year into one story available for their viewing.

The story is available to users in the app already so all they need to do is access it. Some users won't have a 2018 story to summarize their year in review. Only users who saved a lot of memories will have a year in review story available to them because the content for the stories has to come from somewhere.

How to save something to memories in Snapchat:

Users who don't have a year in review story this year can save more next year so that they have a story at the end of 2019 instead. To do this, when users take a snap they can save that snap to their memories if they want to be able to return to it. They simply need to select the little save icon after they take a snap, that icon looks like an arrow going into a folder. Users can also save an entire story of their or one snap from that story by viewing it and then selecting the save button from there.

How to see your 2018 year in review story in Snapchat:

Users who want to see their year in review should go to their memories in the Snapchat app. They can be accessed by opening up Snapchat and navigating to the camera screen and then swiping up. Users can also open Snapchat and then select the "memories" icon to open them up and the 2018 story of memories should be there at the top, for those users who have one.

Users were tweeting about their experiences watching the memories from throughout the year. Some users loved that they could see their year summarized and had a good time looking through the old memories in the app.

i LOVE how snapchat makes a wee video of all ur random snaps from throughout the year ❤️❤️❤️ the best memories

— sarah b❣️ (@saraaahbx) December 18, 2018

Others were glad some memories were left out of the story in summary.

Huge shoutout to @Snapchat for not showing me any snaps of an ex in my 2018 memories story. Truly an amazing feat.

— d'ella ☼ (@heschmeyerd) December 18, 2018

And some found that looking back over the year was simply sad and upsetting.

Snapchat memories hurt in a different way lol

— 💫 (@Zarin_Maliha_) December 18, 2018

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A picture taken on March 22, in Paris shows a close-up of the Snapchat logo in the eye of an AFP staff member posing while she looks at a flipped logo of Snapchat. Users can now view their 2018 year in review stories. Christophe Simon/AFP/Getty Images