Snapchat Spectacles V2: Where to Buy, What Are the New Features

When Snapchat first launched its Spectacles in November 2016, users flocked to Snapchat vending machines around the country to get their hands on a pair of the glasses that promised hands-free video. But the buzz around the glasses that film content specifically for the app from the user's perspective died. Now the self-proclaimed camera company has released a new and supposedly improved pair of the Spectacles.

Originally, the glasses were priced at $130 and were only available from pop-up vending machines, but the sales eventually moved online and then to Amazon. The new glasses cost $149.99 and are available on Snap's Spectacles website, no pop-up vending machine required. The price includes the case and the charger for the glasses.

Spectacles aren't available on Amazon at this time and it's unclear whether they will be.

Snapchat spectacles 2
Snapchat released a new version of Snapchat Spectacles Thursday. Snap Inc.

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The updates to the Spectacles were inspired by user requests, according to a blog post on Snap's website. The new features include a smaller frame for a better fit and water resistance, along with higher quality sound and visual capture capabilities.

The new version is also available in a wider range of frame and lens colors. They allow users to take a 10 second video, a photo or a longer 30 second video. The glasses then transfer the video to the user's phone—the new version transfers the video a few seconds faster than the older version did, a Snap Inc. spokesperson told Newsweek.

The Spectacles are available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and France starting Thursday. They will be available in other countries throughout Europe after May 3.

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