What Are Snapchat Subscriptions? How to Subscribe, Unsubscribe

In an effort to make users happier with the newly redesigned Snapchat the company has been trying to make new updates to the app. Some users have struggled to adjust to the app, which has even impacted Snap financially.

Users have struggled to find their friends in the app, as well as the stories and content they actually want to see. They even started a petition to ask the company to change the app back to how it was before the redesign.

Snapchat users now have a "subscriptions" portion in their app. When users open up the Snapchat app and either swipe right or tap the "Discover" button in the bottom right corner, they open up Discover.

This is where a user's friends are listed; it's also where their subscriptions and the "for you" section is located for users. Those subscriptions are stories either from specific people or content creators on the app that users have more or less followed on Snapchat.

People and creators that users subscribe to appear under friends but above the "for you" portion of Discover for users.

How to subscribe on Snapchat

Users who want to subscribe to a creator or a friend on Snapchat so that those stories are easier to access should first open Discover. Once the user finds the story they want to subscribe to, they simply need to tap and hold down the story to open further information about it. There the option to subscribe will appear. Those stories are sorted based on what was updated most recently, according to Snapchat.

How to unsubscribe on Snapchat

The process of unsubscribing is very similar. Users should tap and hold the story they want to unsubscribe from and then hit the "subscribed" icon, according to the Snapchat site. Once a user is successfully unsubscribed the option will change back to "subscribe." Users can also select "see less like this.

snapchat on phone
The Snapchat log-in page is displayed on a mobile phone, March 1, 2017 in Glendale, California. The app's subscriptions are meant to show users the stories they want. Robyn Beck/Getty Images