Sneaky Dog Pretends to Be Asleep in Adorable Video

A dog was caught pretending to be asleep in an adorable video that's gone viral on social media.

The video shows a black and tan Shiba Inu dog appear to be sleeping before quickly opening its eyes, spotting its owner filming him, and immediately closing its eyes again. After keeping its eyes closed for a few seconds, the dog takes another peek before suddenly acting again as though it's asleep.

Reddit user Complex_Difficulty shared the video on the r/AnimalsBeingDerps subreddit on Monday evening and it has since amassed more than 38,000 upvotes.

The post inspired Reddit users to share similar stories of how their dogs fake sleeping, with one saying: "Lol, reminds me of my boy successfully tricking the girl into thinking he's sleeping.

"Usually whenever she wants him to move out of a comfy spot or share a blanket he's hoarding, he'll fake this deep sleep breathing where every exhale causes his lips to billow out. He doesn't usually do it when he's actually sleeping, but it fools her every time."

Another user said: "Our [Shiba Inu] is 6.5 months old and it's the CUTEST thing. She does exactly this when she hears us getting ready to go for a walk, such a lazy sweet girl.

"She always has a good time once we're on our walk but she'd much rather just be lazy all day."

A Reddit user and Labrador owner said: "My lab used to fake sleep when I would eat dinner at my coffee table. I would look at him and could see him squinting, pretending to sleep.

"I would walk into the kitchen and peek my head back around and he would raise his head. I would say 'MUD!' and he would slam his head down and pretend to sleep some more."

Other Reddit users point out how quickly and easily dogs are able to fall asleep and wake up, like one who said: "Every time my dog closes his eyes, he's lights-out, twitchy dreaming in like 10 seconds. Doesn't matter where he's out.

"Then I just, like, move my pinky finger or something and he's wide awake 10 feet ahead of me wondering why I'm not following him. I'm always so jealous of dogs' ability to turn sleep on and off."

However, some Reddit users believe that the dog is genuinely trying to sleep, but is struggling because of its owner.

One user said: "Legitimate sleepy, just worried about what you're doing over his face 'um, don't drop that,'" while another said: "Could be trying to sleep, but someone is hovering over him recording him like a weirdo."

Sleeping Dog
Stock image of a sleeping dog. A dog was caught pretending to sleep in an adorable video. alkir/Getty