Ex-Sniffer Dog's Brilliant Reaction to Word 'Cocaine' Goes Viral

It seems you can take the dog out of the police, but you can never take the police out of the dog.

A hilarious clip is going viral on TikTok, showing a former police dog's reaction to hearing the word "cocaine."

It was shared by Davey Rutherford, the dog's new owner, who wrote: "Sniffer dog knows English."

The German shepherd, called Dante, has a new life in Queensland, Australia, after being adopted when he retired from his crimefighting career.

It seems Dante's training has been deeply ingrained, however. In Rutherford's clip, he reels off his grocery list—but throws in an unlikely substance to see if the dog will notice.

He says: "All right, shopping list. Bread, milk, pasta, eggs, mayo, cocaine…"

At the mention of the drug, Dante, who was happily panting while staring into the distance, turns his head sharply to stare at his owner.

Gone is the happy expression, as the dog looks inquisitively at Rutherford, who adds: "Just kidding."

The video, which was uploaded in late March, has been watched more than 30 million times after being shared widely on social media.

Thousands of people have commented on Dante's sharp reaction, with Brianna Lackey writing: "And they say dogs don't understand what humans are saying."

Jon joked: "Dog was like: 'yeah sure I'm adopted, but do not cross the line. Wanna go to jail'"

Swayrw171 said: "He was like you know I'm ex police right."

Chasity Skiie wrote: "Never seen a dog head turn so fast."

So Free posted: "If 'come again' was an expression."

Sarah_ek2 said: "He was about to arrest someone."

Jack simply wrote: "We don't joke about such things in this house."

Rutherford regularly shares clips of games and "conversations" with Dante, revealing that the German shepherd can open doors and also reacts when the word "bag" is mentioned.

Dogs' language skills hit the headlines on Monday, after a man was given a free dog, only to realise it only understood Spanish.

The owner, called girthbrooks1994 on TikTok, didn't understand why his English bulldog didn't respond to any commands.

The man captured the moment the penny dropped after he learned a few Spanish words to test out—and his dog finally responded.

The clip has since gone viral, amassing more than 5 million views, with the TikTok account now dedicated to his pet.

The account bio now reads: "Proud Owner of The Worlds Famous Spanish Bulldog Señor Snax."

Stock image of a German Shepherd
Stock image of a German shepherd outdoors. An ex-sniffer dog's brilliant reaction to hearing the word "cocaine" is going viral. Tatyana Consaul/Getty iStock