Snow What? A Too Ripe Star.

Sixteen-year-old unknown Monica Keena gets her big break as the star in Disneys upcoming live-action "Snow White." But it's as the budding nymphet Violet, in the yet-to-be-released "Ripe," that she really gets to dig into the poison apple. Now Disney's shown interest in buying the independent picture, and "Ripe's" producers-who backed Larry Clark's "Kids," which Disney refused to release--suspect that the studio wants it only to bury it. Let's just say that the deflowering of Violet and Rosie, 14-year-old orphan twin virgins stranded on an all-male military base, is not the studio's typical fare. Disney officials won't comment. But you can bet they're wishing that their ingenue was a little less ripe and a lot more bashful:

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