Snowboarding 4-Year-Old Delights Viewers With Her Adorable 'Self-Talk'

A snowboarding 4-year-old named Aubrin has delighted the internet with her "self-talk," which was captured by her father in a now-viral video.

The clip, which was posted to TikTok last week by Aubrin's dad Robert (@chasing.sage), has amassed more than 6 million views and over 1 million likes. It's also received thousands of comments from viewers who shared that they learned a few life lessons from the fearless 4-year-old.

Before hitting the slopes, Robert placed a microphone inside Aubrin's dinosaur snowsuit so that he could capture her thoughts.

"Let's go, dad," says Aubrin at the beginning of the video. "Let's...go in that secret path."

As she winds her way through the snow, however, Aubrin begins to talk herself through a particularly difficult path.

"I won't fall...maybe I will," Aubrin tells herself at one point. "That's OK, 'cause we all fall."

Eventually, Aubrin does fall, but each time she laughs it off and picks herself back up. She even cracks a joke about falling at the end of the video.

"I'm a stuck-asaurus," she says as she struggled to get back onto her feet.

Of course, Aubrin wouldn't be the first child to unknowingly impart wisdom onto adults. In fact, experts have said that there are plenty of lessons to be learned from children.

Speaking to Banner Health, an Arizona-based non-profit health system, psychologist Kristine Goto said that children can teach adults how to be fearless.

"Children jump, climb, fall and get right back up. As a kid, it's almost expected rather than feared," said Banner Health. "We too have the capacity to accept or surrender to fear and dive into something new, but we've adapted to self-handicap, perhaps out of collective years disliking the sting of failures."

To overcome this, Banner Health and Goto encouraged adults to embrace a childlike confidence.

"You can still be responsible; it's not about being reckless but rather being willing to take risks," Goto explained. "Putting fear into perspective may just allow for more self-discovery and adult exhilaration."

Children can also help adults learn how to "feel [their] feelings," be curious, and grow.

"Many of the most meaningful things we can learn come through a dose of adult humility in accepting that our adaptations to the social world aren't always free from hindering the novel perspectives our children may regularly offer," said Goto.

Meanwhile, Aubrin's comments, which one TikTok user dubbed as Aubrin's "self-talk," have really resonated with viewers.

"So many life mottos from such a short little video," wrote Angela Totemoff.

"I'd give anything to have this kid's mindset at 30 years old," added chellleft.

Little girl snowboarding
Stock image. A snowboarding four-year-old named Aubrin has delighted the internet with her “self-talk,” which was captured by her father, Robert, in a now-viral video. Oleg_Ermak/istock