Soccer Fans Injured After Escalator Malfunctions Ahead of Match in Rome

Soccer fans in Rome have been injured after a downward escalator at a metro station sped up rapidly, leading to a pile-up of pedestrians at the bottom.

Earlier reports suggested that between 5 and 10 people were injured, with the station closed and four ambulances responding to the scene. Many of those injured were en route to a Champions League match between the Roma team and CSKA Moscow. On Wednesday, the number of injured increased to 24 and three victims are in serious condition, according to CNN. One man has partially lost his foot.

This has just happened with CSKA fans in Rome after an escalator broke down. Multiple fans have reportedly been injured.

— Artur Petrosyan (@arturpetrosyan) October 23, 2018

Footage of the malfunction began circulating on social media, showing pedestrians on the packed escalator descending at a shockingly rapid pace, with many falling on top of each other at the bottom. Others can be seen attempting to jump to the upward escalator, which appeared to be functioning normally. Some of those riding toward the top also attempted to help those descending, reaching across in an effort to pull them to safety.

Media reports said that many were "crushed" in the pile-up, which occurred at the Repubblica station. The stop is about 35 minutes away from the Stadio Olimpico, where the match is scheduled.

A representative of Rome's public transport company said that "all maintenance checks of the escalator were carried out regularly and the results were in accordance to the norms," CNN added.