Social Media Believes House is Haunted After Woman Finds Strange Drawing Behind Cabinets

One couple got more than they bargained for while searching the corners of their home for their missing cat.

While searching the kitchen for her pet, TikTok user Angelica, username @anxiousweenie60, came across a bizarre drawing tucked into a tiny hole underneath a cabinet. Secured to the cabined inside the hole was a piece of paper featuring a drawing that resembles etchings on a cave or symbols out of The Blair Witch.

"help what does this mean?? is my apartment cursed," Angelica captioned the video. More than 10 million viewers have since watched the clip.

"So me and my boyfriend got a new kitty recently," she starts the video, showing a kitten playing on the ground.

"And she was hiding, so we were trying to find out where she was, we tried looking behind the couch, and we couldn't find her anywhere and then we look in the kitchen and we see that there's a hole here," she says, pointing the camera at a square cutout beneath her cupboard.

"And let me just show you what we found," she adds, switching to the wide-angle lens to give viewers a first-hand perspective inside of the hole.

"There's a picture and I don't know what the hell that means," she says. The drawing itself looks childish in nature and includes what could possibly be stick figures, along with a variety of other crisscrossing shapes and lines.


help what does this mean?? is my apartment cursed #creepy #ghost #aliens #confused

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In a follow-up video, Angelica's boyfriend joins her in trying to solve the mystery. Her boyfriend sticks his arm fully into the hole but is unable to grab the photo stuck to the back wall.

Multiple users suggested that Angelica do an internet search for different types of symbols in order to cross-reference them with the "creepy" drawing. She tells them, however, that she was unable to find matching symbols online and asks again for help from the internet to figure out what the drawing means.

"Ok, I did some research and its symbols and spells wealth mother rune, there is no second one, earth mother birth, true love music harmony, three," wrote one user.

Another commented, "They are sigils! Maybe is for the protection of the home! it's normal to find them in the kitchens because of the witchcraft this space is sacred because of the fire."

Some suggested it may simply be a drawing left behind by children, but Angelica argues in her next video that the hole is too small for a child to fit through. "There's no way that little kids could even reach back there, not even our hands can reach back there," she says in the third clip.

She tells users that none of the symbols they've suggested so far seem to match the images and says they plan to sage the house. "A lot of people are saying not to touch [the drawing], others are saying to burn it, so we still don't really know what to do," she says.

In a fourth video, she tells her audience that the pair have found a way into the cabinet by removing their stove, only to discover something even creepier: the paper was covering yet another hole, this one in the drywall itself.

"This made everything way creepier just because we don't know what the hell was back there," she says. She reveals that in the hole, they found only an old 7-Eleven cup and an oddly shaped piece of cardboard. Finally, the couple decided to simply burn the paper and hope for the best.

Followers of their saga still had conflicting ideas on what this all could mean, even four videos on, and no one seemed to be able to come to a consensus on the true story behind the drawing.

"No, you fools! The paper was meant to protect you! It was sealed away the bad omens! And now you have nothing warding off the evil spirits," commented one.

"Probably a kids drawing covering up a hole they made," said another.

Another added, "You burnt the paper, you made it mad. Like did you ever watch a scary movie before."

Newsweek reached out to Angelica but did not hear back in time for publication.

In a similarly creepy TikTok reveal, a couple found a secret room in their house after buying it online. To avoid traveling in the pandemic, the couple had purchased the property only after seeing pictures. But after visiting in person, they stumbled across some strange secrets the house had been hiding.

Couple Finds Strange Drawing in the House
Screen capture of the drawing of the strange symbols under the kitchen cabinet wall. Angelica/ TikTok Video

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