Social Media Influencers: If You're Not Angel Investing, You're Not Forward-Thinking

Angel investing gives influencers an opportunity to shape the future.

Social media influencers

You've finally made it. After years on the hamster wheel, spending hours each daydreaming up new online content, practicing it, filming it until you get it right, editing it, posting it, promoting it and building up a diehard following, you scored your first major brand deal. Then you scored another. And another.

By now, you're making a comfortable living off your social media content. While the pace is still breakneck and it feels like the eyes of the entire world are on you, it's pretty amazing to be able to take a deep breath and feel secure in the knowledge that you're officially an influencer. Your career path is set.

Or is it?

From personal experience, I can tell you that the career of a social media influencer is highly transactional. Attention spans are short. Influencers are always on the lookout for the brand deal that will bring in the next paycheck, while brands (and fans) are constantly looking for the next big social media personality. When you're the Next Big Thing, it's wonderful. But once you're out, it can be tough to elbow your way back into the spotlight.

And that's when it pays to have a solid Plan B for your career path.

For successful influencers, the money you make off today's deals might seem like a lot. It can definitely fund that snazzy new ride or the new bling you've been eyeing. Just like today's deals, though, all of that is temporary. The cash you make now can help buy a new watch — or it could enable your Plan B. By looking toward the future, you can better ensure that you have something to move on to and a way to build long-term wealth. My experience suggests that the average lifespan of a social media career is two to three years, so trust me, there will come a time when people aren't as quick to hit "share" on your latest dance or no longer find your prank videos amusing.

Angel investing is an excellent way to create a diverse investment portfolio. While it may be high risk, it can also offer a very high return on your investment. You'll want to do your homework and invest in industries where you have a keen interest or in companies run by experts with impressive resumes who you trust to deliver on their promises.

While one of the obvious reasons to pursue angel investing is to help fund your future endeavors, it's not the only reason. Angel investing gives you an opportunity to shape the future. And I'm not referring to just your future — it gives you the chance to impact the world. If that sounds haughty, think of all the brands we know and love today that wouldn't have risen to prominence if not for the backing of people who felt the product, service or overall vision was important.

Another benefit that many young influencers don't consider is that angel investing provides a valuable form of networking. What better way to meet and discuss ideas with some of the world's most creative and innovative business minds? It's an excellent opportunity to learn about various industries, especially as you begin the journey of figuring out what's next in your career.

On that note, let's circle back to your present career as an influencer. Angel investing doesn't mean you're putting the brakes on your current plans. If anything, it can help accelerate them. Becoming a serious investor shows your fans and potential brand partners what you really believe in. It's another excellent way for the public to get to know you — by stepping up to back brands and companies you find interesting.

So by all means, keep practicing choreography for the next dance challenge you're about to make go viral. Bring the fans running to check out your Clubhouse chat. But at the same time, keep in mind the short attention span common in our culture today and the transience of brand partnerships. By researching and making strategic angel investments now, you'll leave less to chance and build on all of today's hard work for years to come.

The information provided here is not investment, tax or financial advice. You should consult with a licensed professional for advice concerning your specific situation.

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