In his weblog from Iraq, Spc. Leonard Clark of the Arizona Army National Guard spoke out against a war he thought a "travesty." According to his battalion commander, he also jeopardized operational security (OPSEC). Late last month Clark was charged with reckless endangerment and failure to obey an order. He was demoted and docked pay. "They are finally going to put a stop to me," Clark wrote before his blog shut down. Military personnel in Iraq must now register their "milblogs" with the higher-ups, who will review them quarterly. "We're fighting a war here, and insurgents read Web pages," explains Col. Bill Buckner, spokesman for the Multi-National Corps-Iraq. But OPSEC has "a totally amorphous definition," argues New York Army National Guardsman Jason Hartley, who last year became the only other soldier demoted for his blog. "My commander just didn't like my tone," says Hartley, whose missives on will be published by HarperCollins this fall.