'Solid Job': Officer Saves Baby Dolphin From Net in Video Praised by Internet

The internet is praising a Florida police officer after they rescued a baby dolphin trapped in a net. The post was shared by the Miami-Dade Police Department's official Twitter account on January 12, but according to the timestamp, it happened on December 12. It's garnered 40,300 views so far.

According to the Twitter post, Officer Nelson Silva of the Marine Patrol Unit got a call about a dolphin "in distress in the Shorecrest area." The officer then "located a juvenile dolphin that was trapped in a fishing net."

The two-minute and 48-second video was taken from bodycam footage showing the officer behind the wheel of a boat. "Little baby dolphin," he commented.

"Come on little guy, come here," the officer said while carrying a long pole to help assist the baby dolphin trapped in a net in the water. He used it to bring the dolphin closer by grabbing onto the net.

With the dolphin closer, the officer grabbed the net, trying to reassure the baby dolphin while removing the net. "It's OK," he said. "I got you."

However, the dolphin then proceeded to get away rather quickly.

Close-up of dolphin
The internet is praising a law enforcement officer rescuing a baby dolphin trapped in a net in a video. Here, a close-up shot of a dolphin in the water. GETTY/ANDREA IZZOTTI

The officer commented on how "strong" the dolphin was, revealing he was able to get some of the net off. Next, he pulled the dolphin closer with the pole by hooking onto the net. "It's OK," he continued to say.

He got to work pulling the net off the baby dolphin, untangling the pole and then using a knife to cut the remainder away from the dolphin, who started to struggle. The officer released the dolphin, getting the net again after telling the dolphin to "relax."

The dolphin again struggled though, and again the officer let go. But Officer Silva didn't give up. In the final attempt to free the dolphin, he was successful after using the pole to bring the dolphin closer as he tried to cut the net.

"I gotcha buddy," the officer said. The dolphin, who struggled yet again, escaped the net as it was held by the officer.

"Gotcha!" the officer declared, holding up the net with the pole in the air. "Woo! Yeah!"

There are numerous species of dolphins that are considered endangered. According to Whale and Dolphin Conservation, there are 49 different species of dolphin and porpoise in the world. Of those, they are each categorized into six families.

The post has people praising the officer on Twitter for helping rescue the dolphin. One Twitter user thanked the officer for their service. "So incredible!" they added. "Love how he continually worked to reassure the dolphin that it was ok."

Others had kind words for the officer's good deed. "Hell yeah! Solid job!" someone else expressed.

The thanks came pouring in for Officer Silva. Another person thanked the officer, adding, "that dolphin may have not survived if not for the person who called it in and you!"

Other people had comments like, "This is amazing," and "Another true hero."

"Way to go, Officer Nelson Silva," someone else declared. "You are an example of all that's good in Miami-Dade County. Thanks for that beautiful save!"

Another Twitter user called the law enforcement officer's work a "great job." They also added, "It's heartbreaking how wildlife suffers at our hands."

While one user thought the officer has "earned the title 'lifesaver,'" for his good deed.

Newsweek reached out to the Miami-Dade Police Department for comment.