Somebody Totally Vomited on the Emmys Red Carpet

Emmys red carpet vomit
Who vomited on the red carpet? Twitter

Perhaps it was the excitement of being on the same red carpet as Oprah, or nerves over a nomination, but someone puked on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards.

Who committed this Hollywood sin? That's still a mystery, like what actually happened in Lost.

One guest captured the unexpected red carpet addition on Twitter.

Somebody puked on the Emmys red carpet. This photo should win a pulitizer.

— lizard queen (@allanmcatee) September 18, 2017

A few other people noticed, too:

Shout out to my pals who went out of their way to take a pic of the puke on the red carpet of the #emmys We all know our place in the world

— Kate Vatter (@KateVatter) September 17, 2017

Just saw someone vomit on the red carpet! #Emmys2017 #glamour

— Zabeth Russell (@zabsters) September 17, 2017

The quick-witted responses came in thick and fast, like a yellowy stream of bile.

A few people sensed a correlation between the red carpet mishap and Sean Spicer's surprise appearance at the Emmys Sunday night.

Is that Sean Spicer - I heard he was there

— sarahk (@sarahlouepsom) September 18, 2017

Some thought it looked rather familiar…

TIL @realDonaldTrump has vomit-colored hair.

— NeonCouch (@neon_couch) September 18, 2017

Are we sure that isn't @realDonaldTrump's wig being guarded by the Secret Service?

— ZᴇʀᴏTᴇɴᴀᴄɪᴛʏ (@ZeroTenacity) September 18, 2017

Since we're handing out awards, the best use of a GIF has to go to this tweet: