Son Charged in Shooting at Father Over Wrong Chicken Wing Order

A Utah man was charged with attempted murder and discharge of a firearm, accused of opening fire toward his father during a domestic argument, police said. The topic of that argument? Chicken wings.

Alika Suliafu, 30, was arrested following the October 21 incident in Bountiful, Utah. According to an arrest report, Suliafu's father returned home that day with an order of chicken wings for his son, ABC 4 reported.

"When (Suliafu) discovered the wings were not the variety he liked, he became upset and began to argue," an officer wrote in a probable cause statement.

The dispute escalated, Suliafu went into his bedroom and returned with a gun and, despite his father's pleas, he opened fire, police said. The father was able to dodge the bullet, which traveled through the walls of their apartment and eventually became lodged in a neighbor's dishwasher, police added.

chicken wings shooting
Buffalo chicken wings at the Coop restaurant, in Lafayette, California, on July 3, 2021. Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

The father then went for his son's legs, attempting to wrestle the gun away from him, and amid the tussle, Suliafu shot off two more rounds that became lodged in the ceiling, police said. The father was finally able to snatch the weapon away and unload it while fleeing, police added. By the time officers arrived from the Bountiful Police Department, Suliafu was gone. Officers did, however, determine that his father's injuries were consistent with his description of the incident.

Suliafu was later apprehended and taken into police custody. He is being held in Davis County Jail without bond.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Suliafu works as a warehouse associate for Amazon.

Bountiful, Utah, is located roughly 11 miles north of Salt Lake City.

A similar instance tied to chicken wings occurred in Milwaukee. In June, police arrested Tuhonsty Marie Smith, 26, for allegedly setting her partner's hair on fire while he slept.

When later pressed by investigators, Smith said her actions were in retaliation after her boyfriend supposedly poisoned some chicken wings that she had been eating, police said. She described how she waited for him to fall asleep, at which point she filled a cup with lighter fluid, poured it over his head, and ignited it with a lighter, police said, and that she insisted her plan was not to kill her partner.

Nevertheless, the man suffered second- and third-degree burns across his upper body, including his head, chest, neck, and face. The boyfriend said they were together eight years prior to the incident. In the months prior, he said he felt the need to be more cautious around Smith, whom he accused of taking more medication than she was prescribed and huffing paint in the basement, police said.