Sonic Employees Arrested After Ecstasy Found in Toddler's Hamburger in Taylor, Texas

If a young girl hadn't unwrapped a Sonic Drive-In hamburger for her toddler brother, she and her family may not have detected an ecstasy pill inside the wrapper Thursday night.

Since the family reported the uncontrolled substance to the police, officers have since arrested three Sonic Drive-In employees involved with the incident in Taylor, Texas, which is 39 miles northeast of Austin. The Sonic is located at 1700 N. Main.

"The 11-year-old daughter was opening the hamburger for her 4-year-old brother. It was a kid's meal," Chief Henry Fluck, of the Taylor Police Department, told CBS Austin News. " When she opened the wrapping, she noticed a pill. Being an 11-year-old, she asked her parents if this was candy."

The parents took the entire burger to the police. The pill tested positive for ecstasy, a controlled substance, reported KXAN News in Austin.

There is no public risk, according to Williamson County Police.

Fluck credited the parents for taking quick action and immediately reporting the incident – with the evidence – to police, instead of posting on social media.

Police arrested Sonic employees Jose Molina, 22, and Jonathan Roberson, 35, plus former Sonic Manager Tanisha Dancer, 30, who was fired from the restaurant earlier, according to the Sonic Director of Operations and the television report.

Police said Molina possessed marijuana, Roberson was wanted on four outstanding warrants and Dancer was arrested on an outstanding warrant for a parole violation in Guadalupe County, a larceny and a state jail felony.

"She was found in possession of MDMA or Ecstasy, three pills, the same type, the same size, the same markings that were found inside the hamburger wrapping," said Fluck.

Police charged her with possession of a controlled substance, delivery of a controlled substance and endangering a child.

Roberson was wanted on four outstanding warrants including theft by check, driving with an invalid license and bail jumping/failing to appear, each of which were misdemeanors and took place in Taylor. The last outstanding warrant was for bond forfeiture in Brownwood, Texas.

Taylor police arrested these 3 employees while investigating how an ecstasy pill got wrapped into a little boy's burger.

Police say the boy's older sister initially mistook the pill as candy when she unwrapped his burger for him. @KXAN_News

— Will DuPree (@willrdupree) December 7, 2018