Sony PlayStation E3 2018 Press Conference: Where to Stream

E3 is a wonderful time of year, when anything is possible. Could Nintendo release a giant cardboard Mario effigy that lets you cuddle with Japan's favorite plumber? Will every company release a battle royale? Will Anthem suck? These are all important questions that will be answered this week in sunny California.

Where to watch Sony (PlayStation) E3 Press conference?

On Monday, June 11 at 6 p.m. PDT (9 p.m. EDT), Sony will unveil what it's been working on for it's PlayStation system. We already know that Death Stranding , Ghosts of Tsushima, Spider-Man and The Last of Us Part II will be making an appearance, thanks to a post on the PS blog.

Personally, I'm most excited for Spider-Man . I've been clamoring for an awesome experience with the webhead every since I played Ultimate Spider-Man on the GameCube. Zipping around New York with nothing but your webs and wit can't be replicated, through One Piece: Unlimited World Red did allow players to swing with Luffy's rubber arms.

Death Stranding worries me a lot. I love Hideo Kojima, but when an auteur of his renown is allowed to go wild, crazy things can happen. I'm going to be optimistic about his first game after leaving Konami though, and go into the press conference ready to get my mind blown with crazy visuals and babies.

You can watch the stream on Twitch when it goes live on Sony's Twitch or YouTube page.

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