Sony Announces Direct PS5 Restock Purchases—Here's How to Register

PS5s will be available to purchase from Sony's official storefront during the upcoming holiday season, but you will need to get in early to register your interest.

Ever since it launched back in November 2020, the PlayStation 5 has been incredibly elusive. Thanks to a global computer chip shortage, restocks for the console are few and far between and whenever there is a drop at a major retailer, the supplies are often depleted within a matter of seconds.

Even the most vigilant consumers are struggling to get their hands on the next-gen hardware. As is also the case with the Xbox Series X, these supply issues have been further compounded by opportunistic scalpers who will stockpile units and then sell them for an inflated cost.

With the holiday season now fast approaching, those who were unable to get a PS5 in 2020 will understandably be keen to rectify that this year. While Newsweek will continue to publish regular restock updates to help you out in this regard, it will still be a huge challenge.

Sony Announces PS5 Holiday Purchases

Fortunately, Sony has just announced that there will be an opportunity to purchase a limited number of PS5s directly from the manufacturer itself in November.

This online sale will only apply to those who live in the U.S. and, if you are interested, then you will need to express your interest right on PlayStation's website.

If you register using an email address that is associated with a PlayStation Network (PSN) ID, then you might just receive an invitation to join a virtual line later in the year.

How to Register for the PS5 Restock Event

You can register for the imminent restock event now on the official PlayStation website.

You will need to have an email address ready that is associated with an active PSN ID. If you do not already have one of those then you can create it now, as there is a link for doing so hosted on the restock event page itself.

If you are selected, you will receive an email invitation to make a purchase sometime in November 2021. Meanwhile, if you are not one of the chosen few, then you will simply hear nothing back at all, given that Sony is not sending out rejection notifications.

According to the FAQ document, you will only be able to order one PS5 unit per account, which is a restriction that has obviously been enforced to discourage scalpers. However, there will be a number of bundles and accessories up for grabs and both the disc and digital versions of the console will be included.

In terms of payment, the page currently indicates that MasterCard, Visa and Discover will all be accepted, but more options may be added over time.

PS5 Logo Appears in Electronics Store
Image shows the PS5 logo on display in an electronics store, ahead of the console's release in Novemeber 2020. CHARLY TRIBALLEAU/Getty Images