Sony World Photography Awards 2019: Professional Shortlist Revealed

Sony World Photography Awards

The World Photography Organization has revealed the shortlisted photographers for the Professional competition of the 2019 Sony World Photography Awards. The 2019 Professional competition received its highest number of entries to date, with submissions by photographers from 161 countries as far afield as Gabon, Paraguay, Saint Kitts & Nevis and Iran.

The judges have chosen a range of images across ten diverse categories: Architecture, Creative, Documentary, Landscape, Natural World & Wildlife, Portraiture, Sport, Still Life, Brief and Discovery.

The shortlisted photographers offer their interpretations of the modern world in its many forms. Some tackle political issues: Daniel Ochoa de Olza's architectural images focus on the Mexico-U.S. border wall prototypes, whereas Toby Binder depicts the lives of youths in Northern Ireland and the impact Brexit may have on the 1998 Peace Agreement. Others focus on the beauty of the natural world and man's effect upon it, or offer insights into lives and places that might otherwise be unknown.

All Professional shortlisted photographers will now go on to compete to become category winners, eligible for the Photographer of the Year title and a prize of $25,000. First, second and third placings in each category will be awarded on April 17 and their work will be shown at the 2019 Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition in London, before touring globally.

The full shortlist contains series of five to ten images, often taken from larger bodies of work. Newsweek presents just a small selection of shortlisted images from across the various categories.

001 4561_2_13061_EdwardThompson_UnitedKingdom_Professional_BriefProfessional_2019
Edward Thompson, United Kingdom: Miss Faversham. Margate, Kent, England. Edward Thompson/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
01 4595_7_13449_Kyung-HoonKim_KoreaRepublicof_Professional_DocumentaryProfessional_2019
Kyung-Hoon Kim, South Korea: Maria Meza, a 40-year-old migrant woman from Honduras, runs away from tear gas with her five-year-old twin daughters Saira and Cheili in front of the border wall between the US and Mexico, in Tijuana, Mexico, November 25, 2018. Kyung-Hoon Kim/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
02 4595_9_13453_Kyung-HoonKim_KoreaRepublicof_Professional_DocumentaryProfessional_2019
Kyung-Hoon Kim, South Korea: Fernando Velosque, a migrant boy from Honduras, sits in front of Mexican policemen while a group of migrants gather near the El Chaparral port of entry between Mexico and the United States in Tijuana, Mexico, November 22, 2018. Kyung-Hoon Kim/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
03 4543_5_12867_DavidBehar_UnitedStatesofAmerica_Professional_ArchitectureProfessionalcompetition_2019
David Behar, United States: Yellow and White Cabana. David Behar/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
04 4591_3_13401_AndrewKelly_Australia_Professional_DocumentaryProfessional_2019
Andrew Kelly, Australia: Ayah, 37 and Aisha, 18, drink from Burger King cups in a mall ahead of the face veil ban in Hundige, Denmark, July 19, 2018. Andrew Kelly/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
05 4591_4_13403_AndrewKelly_Australia_Professional_DocumentaryProfessional_2019
Andrew Kelly, Australia: Ayah weeps as she is embraced by a police officer during a demonstration against the Danish face veil ban in Copenhagen, Denmark, August 1, 2018. Andrew Kelly/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
06 4635_9_13861_AlainSchroeder_Belgium_Professional_SportProfessionalcompetition_2019
Alain Schroeder, Belgium: For the first time since 2013 and in honor of the 70th anniversary of the creation of North Korea on September 9, 1948, the Mass Games, also known as the Arirang Festival, are held at the May Day stadium in Pyongyang, one of the largest stadiums in the world. Alain Schroeder/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
07 4641_3_13909_SigurdFandango_Norway_Professional_SportProfessionalcompetition_2019
Sigurd Fandango, Norway: Dennis and Cindy Adere brought their car collection along to watch the action during Speed Week at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. Sigurd Fandango/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
08 4641_13903_SigurdFandango_Norway_Professional_SportProfessionalcompetition_2019
Sigurd Fandango, Norway: Lee Dickerson, a member of the “Hot Rod Hoodlums” team, enjoys a cigarette after a successful run on "The Flats". Sigurd Fandango/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
09 4603_4_13539_ImmaBarrera_UnitedStatesofAmerica_Professional_LandscapeProfessionalcompetition_2019
Imma Barrera, United States: Joshua and the sky. Imma Barrera/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
10 4573_1_13195_PolKurucz_France_Professional_CreativeProfessionalcompetition_2019
Pol Kurucz, France: Bubble Up! Pol Kurucz/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
11 4573_5_13203_PolKurucz_France_Professional_CreativeProfessionalcompetition_2019
Pol Kurucz, France: Blaskimo Pol Kurucz/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
11 z4563_3_13087_ZhipengZhu_China_Professional_Brief_2019
Zhipeng Zhu, China: "The dormitory is the living space of college students. The objects in the dormitory embody personal hobbies, habits and so on. I exaggerate the articles in the dormitory to show the personality of these people." Zhipeng Zhu/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
12 4565_8_13113_TobyBinder_Germany_Professional_BriefProfessional_2019
Toby Binder, Germany: Young boy and old men at a Protestant parade on Crumlin Road, Shankhill, Belfast, Northern Ireland.. Toby Binder/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
13 4565_13097_TobyBinder_Germany_Professional_Brief_2019
Toby Binder, Germany: Brendan behind a police line at Trinity Street, Carrick Hill, Belfast, Northern Ireland. Toby Binder/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
14 4551_12947_StephanZirwes_Germany_Professional_ArchitectureProfessionalcompetition_2019
Stephan Zirwes, Germany: The twin slide. "An important decision for every child: slide to the left, you can stand in shallow water. Slide to the right, you have to swim in the deep water. Built in 1964 and accompanied me through my childhood." Stephan Zirwes/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
15 4585_2_13339_BrentStirton_SouthAfrica_Professional_DocumentaryProfessional_2019
Brent Stirton, South Africa: Petronella Chigumbura, 30, an elite member of the all-female Akashinga conservation ranger force, undergoes stealth movement and concealment training in the bush near their base at Phundundu Wildlife Area, Zimbabwe, June 2018. Brent Stirton/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
16 4585_13335_BrentStirton_SouthAfrica_Professional_DocumentaryProfessional_2019
Brent Stirton, South Africa: Members of the all-female conservation ranger force known as Akashinga undergo tough training in a water hole near their base at Phundundu Wildlife Area, Zimbabwe, June 2018. Brent Stirton/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
17 4567_1_13123_ChristinaStohn_Germany_Professional_BriefProfessional_2019
Christina Stohn, Germany: Local, traditional costume during a Corpus Christi procession. Christina Stohn/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
17 4607_2_13589_JasperDoest_Netherlands_Professional_NaturalWorldWildlifeProfessional_2019
Jasper Doest, Netherlands: Bob is a Caribbean flamingo, from the Dutch island of Curaçao. His life took a dramatic turn when he flew into a hotel window, leaving him severely concussed. He was cared for by Odette Doest, a local vet who also runs a wildlife rehabilitation centre and conservation charity. In this photo, Odette makes supper, accompanied by Bob and, on her shoulder, Willy, a two-year-old free-flying chestnut-fronted macaw she rescued as a chick. Odette and her son also share their home with nine cats and ten dogs. Bob is unfazed by his housemates. Jasper Doest/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
18 4607_13585_JasperDoest_Netherlands_Professional_NaturalWorldWildlifeProfessional_2019
Jasper Doest, Netherlands: Bob walks through the hallway, past the bathroom, back to his room. During rehabilitation, DVM Odette Doest found out that Bob had been habituated by humans and therefore could not be reintroduced back into the wild. So now he spends his time at her house, where he shares a room with his other avian rescue friends. Jasper Doest/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
19 4571_1_13171_AliceMann_SouthAfrica_Professional_BriefProfessional_2019
Alice Mann, South Africa: The Avondale Primary Majorettes. Alice Mann/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
19 4613_13643_AlainSchroeder_Belgium_Professional_NaturalWorldWildlifeProfessional_2019
Alain Schroeder, Belgium: The rescue of an orangutan lost in a rubber plantation near Bangun Sari village in the Aceh province of Northern Sumatra Indonesia. Alain Schroeder/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
20 613_3_13649_AlainSchroeder_Belgium_Professional_NaturalWorldWildlifeProfessional_2019
Alain Schroeder, Belgium: Substitute mother Selvi teaches Jating, a 1-year-old orphaned male orangutan, to climb on trees in the playground at the SOCP (Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program) Quarantine Center, Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. Alain Schroeder/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
21 4581_7_13303_KarinaBikbulatova_RussianFederation_Professional_DiscoveryProfessionalcompetition_2019
Karina Bikbulatova, Russian Federation: "Two sisters abandoned by their father meet once a year in a small village, but don't know that they are sisters. Gulshat lives in a poor family, in a small village. Alina lives in the city, studies in a prestigious school, and does ballet. Karina Bikbulatova/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
22 4629_5_13799_ThomasNielsen_Denmark_Professional_SportProfessionalcompetition_2019
Thomas Nielsen, Denmark: Reading FC fans celebrate outside The Griffin. Thomas Nielsen/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
23 4629_13789_ThomasNielsen_Denmark_Professional_SportProfessionalcompetition_2019
Thomas Nielsen, Denmark: Brentford FC fan Craig Nickels, 37, rejoices with his friends after their team came back from 2-1 in the second half of the game against Reading FC. Thomas Nielsen/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
23 94587_13355_MustafaHassona_PalestineStateof_Professional_DocumentaryProfessional_2019
Mustafa Hassona, Palestine: A shirtless young protester in Gaza grips a Palestinian flag with one hand and swings a slingshot over his head with the other, on the northern border between the Gaza Strip and Israel in the weekly protests against the blockade of Gaza, which has been imposed by Israel for the past 12 years. Mustafa Hassona/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
24 4555_1_12995_DanielOchoadeOlza_Spain_Professional_ArchitectureProfessionalcompetition_2019
Daniel Ochoa de Olza, Spain: A border wall prototype stands in San Diego, near the Mexico-U.S. border, as seen from Tijuana. Daniel Ochoa de Olza/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
25 4555_6_13005_DanielOchoadeOlza_Spain_Professional_ArchitectureProfessionalcompetition_2019
Daniel Ochoa de Olza, Spain: A border wall prototype stands in San Diego, near the Mexico-U.S. border, as seen from Tijuana. Daniel Ochoa de Olza/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
25 z4611_8_13639_LiangFu_China_Professional_NaturalWorldWildlifeProfessional_2019
Liang Fu, China: Curious couple. "A white-banded cleaner shrimp hops on a moray eel to eat dead skin." Liang Fu/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
27 z4559_4_13041_RebeccaFertinel_Belgium_Professional_BriefProfessional_2019
Rebecca Fertinel, Belgium: Bridesmaids/ Rebecca Fertinel,/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
28 4617_2_13685_ScarlettCoten_France_Professional_PortraitureProfessionalcompetition_2019
Scarlett Coten, France: Stephen, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2018. Scarlett Coten/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
29 4617_13681_ScarlettCoten_France_Professional_PortraitureProfessionalcompetition_2019
Scarlett Coten, France: Bryan, Palm Springs, California, 2017. Scarlett Coten/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
29 z4541_2_12839_Jean-MarcCaimiValentinaPiccinni_Italy_Professional_DiscoveryProfessionalcompetition_2019
Jean-Marc Caimi & Valentina Piccinni, Italy: Bosphorus boat wedding party. Jean-Marc Caimi & Valentina Piccinni/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
30 4625_1_13755_MartaMoreiras_Spain_Professional_PortraitureProfessionalcompetition_2019
Marta Moreiras, Spain: Birama & Ndeye Fatou. Marta Moreiras/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
31 4625_13753_MartaMoreiras_Spain_Professional_PortraitureProfessionalcompetition_2019
Marta Moreiras, Spain: Cheikh & Zoé. Marta Moreiras/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
32 4583_13309_BoyuanZhang_China_Professional_DiscoveryProfessionalcompetition_2019
Boyuan Zhang, China: The day before the Corban Festival, people return to their hometown for a reunion in Xinjiang autonomous region in North Western China. Boyuan Zhang/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
35 4627_4_13777_TrentMitchell_Australia_Professional_SportProfessionalcompetition_2019
Trent Mitchell, Australia: Inner Atlas. Trent Mitchell/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
36 4605_3_13551_MarcoKesseler_UnitedKingdom_Professional_LandscapeProfessionalcompetition_2019
Marco Kesseler, United Kingdom: "Winter in the polytunnel; dried asparagus plants being cleared in anticipation for the roots to throw out new shoots in the spring." Marco Kesseler/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
39 4643_2_13921_KoheiUeno_Japan_Professional_SportProfessionalcompetition_2019
Kohei Ueno, Japan: Beneath the surface of competitive freediving. Kohei Ueno/2019 Sony World Photography Awards
Kieran Dodds, United Kingdom: Debre Mihret Arbiatu Ensesa church near Ambesane surrounded by subsistence agriculture. "Ethiopia has lost 95% of its native forests due to human activity in the last century. What remains surrounds circular Tewahedo Orthodox churches; these ancient canopies are protected as a tenet of faith." Kieran Dodds/2019 World Photography Awards