This Sort Of Thing Is His Bag, Baby

BEHAVE, ALL YOU SWINGERS OUT there: here comes the groovy star of the '60s-style spy spoof ""Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.'' You know: Mike Myers, from ""Saturday Night Live.'' Flick called ""Wayne's World'' ring your bell? Made about a zillion dollars (not counting the sequel). How about ""So I Married an Axe Murderer''? OK, so that one only grossed $15.95 (not counting refunds). Well, anyway, Myers is back, with a brand new bag and more silly catch phrases like ""Behave!'' and ""Shagadelic!'' A smashing opening weekend at the box office has returned the 33-year-old Canadian to his rightful place as an International Man of Comedy.

Nutty characters like Wayne Campbell, Dieter and Linda (""Coffee Talk'') Richman spring like Chia pets from Myers's head. Powers is a London fashion photographer/ secret agent cryogenically frozen in 1967 and defrosted in 1997 to save the world from his bald, Nehru-jacketed nemesis, Dr. Evil (also Myers). The whole thing's a time-warped homage to James Bond, Matt Helm, Peter Sellers - and Eric Myers, Mike's late father, a serious comedy fan who used to wake his three sons up at night to watch ""Monty Python.'' Picking at a $5 bagel in the restaurant of his New York hotel, Myers says quietly, ""Nobody would have loved this movie more than my dad.''

A year ago, Myers started channeling Austin, a '60s swinger stuck in the square '90s. ""You're a fabulous bird!'' he'd ooze to his wife, Robin. ""Do you swing? Do I make you horny?'' She told him to shut up and write it down. He cranked out a script in three weeks, while performing around Los Angeles with his retro-mod band, Ming Tea. Elizabeth Hurley and Robert Wagner signed on to the project, along with director Jay Roach, who let the cast ""do their own thing,'' as Agent Powers might say. ""About 30 to 40 percent is improv,'' says Myers. The rest is shagadelic, baby.