'SoulCalibur VI' Basics: Reverse Edge, Guard Impact and Everything You Need to Know

Longtime fans of the SoulCalibur series have spent five games mastering the series' familiar eight-way run and three-input attack system. SoulCalibur VI adds some new wrinkles to the fight system to challenge both newbies and veterans.

Some gameplay basics from past installments have carried over into SoulCalibur VI, and others were tweaked just a bit. Here's the need-to-know basics of battle mechanics in SoulCalibur VI .



Fighters in SoulCalibur VI can move backwards or forwards using the directional buttons or analog stick. The eight-way run feature allows players to move in three dimensions by tapping up or down on the D-pad or analog sticks.

Double tapping a direction will also give characters the ability to run. Holding down the guard button (X for PS4, A for Xbox) and tapping down allows characters to crouch. If a player holds guard and presses up, the character will do a small jump.

Dashing, crouching and jumping all open up new moves and combinations.

Attack Basics

There are three basic inputs in SoulCalibur VI : horizontal, vertical and kick. Chain inputs and directions together to perform combos and signature moves. Be sure to go to your character-specific move list on the option screen for more information on these attacks.

The right trigger is your throw, which can override blocks and deal massive damage. Be careful, though: as performing a grab will leave you open if you miss.

soulcalibur 6 reversal edge
Reversal Edge is a new feature in 'SoulCalibur VI' Bandai Namco

Reversal Edge

This new feature puts both characters in a cinematic slow-motion screen. Simply by pressing the left trigger, a character will perform a Reversal Edge attack that can miss or be stopped. In this slow-mo screen, players will have a few rock-paper-scissor options to choose from.

  • Vertical beats horizontal
  • Horizontal beats kick
  • Kick beats vertical

Players can opt to guard or even move back or to the side to avoid an attack. It's a guessing game that introduces an element of random chance to the game's combat.

Soul Charge

The Soul Charge function has been simplified in SoulCalibur VI. Press the left bumper to activate it, when the Soul Gauge has at least one bar filled. The Soul Charge will increase the damage of your strikes. Triggering it will even change the appearances of characters like Kilik and Groh. This can be a good way to push your opponent back if they are suffocating you with attacks.

A Soul Charge will run out when your Soul Gauge does.

Critical Edge

The second new feature added to SoulCalibur VI is the Critical Edge. This is essentially a character's big super move. As long as you have one meter on your Soul Gauge, pressing the right bumper will let you perform a Critical Edge. These can miss and can be blocked, so time them carefully.



Again, by pressing the X or A button you can guard against attacks. However, a standard guard can't block everything. A standard guard will block any standing or jumping attack. If you perform a crouch guard (holding guard and pressing down) you can defend against crouching attacks.

soulcalibur 6 guard impact
Performing a Guard Impact can help you turn the tide of battle. Bandai Namco

Guard Impact

Guard Impact has been a staple in SoulCalibur for some time now, but in this new game it doesn't take any Soul Gauge to perform. Hold guard and tap forward, to perform the Guard Impact to knock your opponent back and leave them open for a counter attack, but only when your enemy's strike is about to land. It's all about timing. Guard Impacts won't work on guard break attacks or unblockable attacks.