'SoulCalibur VI' Producer Talks Story Mode Details, Character Roster Decisions

Bandai Namco released a story mode trailer for SoulCalibur VI during E3 2018 that revealed some details about the upcoming fighting game. However, there wasn't much fans of the 20-year-old franchise could gather from it.

It's been reported that the story of SoulCalibur VI will retell the one from the first game, but the addition of characters who weren't involved in the first title bring some new wrinkles. Newsweek sat down with Producer Motohiro Okubo to talk about SoulCalibur VI 's story mode and how the roster, so far, has been composed.

Editor's Note: The following has been lightly edited for clarity and length.

The story trailer for SoulCalibur VI was just released. Can you give some details on what fans can expect?

With SoulCalibur VI, we are rewinding back to the era of SoulCalibur 1 and 2 , and we are revisiting the story between SoulCalibur and Soul Edge, a story of light and darkness. We are telling it through a new perspective, new episodes and new characters involved in this struggle.

The first SoulCalibur game was 20 years ago. Did that make it easier to go back and expand on the story?

When we started development, we revisited all the past SoulCalibur games and tried to boil down the essence of what people liked from the franchise. And because it's a fighting game it's very easy to focus on the mechanics and how it functions, but we discovered that people really enjoyed the world setting and the characters.

In doing so, we wanted to make the most enjoyable experience for what fans liked about SoulCalibur and that really comes down to bringing this world to life. And that's what we did in SoulCalibur VI. Arriving at that decision was a natural process and bringing everything into 2018 was a challenge for us.

soulcalibur 6 story mode 2d
There will be narrated illustrations during the story of 'SoulCalibur VI' Bandai Namco

What's the format of the story? The trailer showed both cinematics and illustrations.

There's going to be a main storyline that you can follow along a timeline. As you progress through this, there will be other characters, little substories, that appear on this timeline and you'll see it through a different perspective.

And it'll be a combination. There will be some movies, but we wanted to get as much in as possible so there will be a lot of narration done through illustrations as well. Aside from what we showed this week, there's going to be a whole different story mode that we're preparing for right now. So please stay tuned for more information on that.

Another story mode? Do you mean another trailer? Can you clarify?

I would say that there's going to be this main story mode that we revealed. But there's a different way to play the story mode. There's going to be a whole different experience that you'll be able to enjoy. That's the best way I can describe it right now.

kilik groh soulcalibur 6 2
Groh is one of the new characters in 'SoulCalibur VI' Bandai Namco

Will you be given certain characters or will players be able to progress through the story with anyone?

So the story mode we revealed, you'll be able to see it through the perspective of each respective character. [Laughs]

Will you retell other past SoulCalibur stories after VI or will you go on a different path?

It's too early to be seen. I encourage players to play through the story mode and see which direction it's going. But we are going to see the story begin as Kilik sets out on his quest to steal the Soul Edge.

There are a lot of returning characters what was the decision process for that?

In terms of the roster, the big theme of the development of SoulCalibur VI is that "SoulCalibur-ness" and what that means is being able to play with a wide variety of weapons. So we have a huge weapon portfolio and making that experience the most enjoyable is what helped determine the roster in many ways.

Aside from Geralt, there's only one new character [Groh]. Will we get any other new characters?

We still have more reveals remaining and there might be a new character so stay tuned. [Laughs]

SoulCalibur VI will release for PS4, Xbox One and PC on Oct. 19

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