Soulja Boy Wants to Get Into Esports

DeAndre Cortez Way, better known online as Soulja Boy, really likes video gaming. He recently slapped his name on a "console" full of stolen ROMs from Nintendo. With all of those gamers eyeballs staring at the rapper, he decided it was a smart idea to announce his newest venture: esports.

TMZ caught up with Soulja Boy as he drank a mysterious substance out of a Red Solo Cup. He tells the paparazzi that he wants to start an esports franchise. He's been gaming since he was a kid, giving him the "qualifications" to start a multimillion-dollar gaming empire, the likes of TSM or 100 Thieves. In the "top of 2019" he's going to be starting a gaming org.

Soulja Boy is choosing only the finest electronic sports to buy teams for. There's Fortnite, the building, shooting extravaganza that's caused many parents to yell at their middle school kids. Then there's Call of Duty, Activision's military shooter that's caused just as many parents to yell at their 20-something children who just need to get a job. He's even adding Overwatch and Counter Strike to the mix, That's more than 20 players in his organization that are all going to need salaries, gaming houses and massive computers to compete.

It's not uncommon to see celebrities buy into esports. DJing goatee Steve Aoki invested in and owns Team Rogue, one of the newest orgs to enter League of Legends LCS. Rick Fox, NBA legend and Oz inmate, is in charge of Echo Fox. But while the rest of these orgs invest in infrastructure and proper facilities for their players, Soulja Boy gets robbed on stream and cranks that.

If you’re that 17 18 year old kid gamer with a passion and a dream. I’m looking for u hit me up. #SouljaEsportsTeam

— Soulja Boy (Drako) (@souljaboy) December 20, 2018

Soulja Boy posted on Twitter that he's done an interview with FOX Sports' Fair Game, presumably about his esports dreams.

Esports is a hard industry to break into, but that isn't going to stop Soulja Boy.