Rapper Soulja Boy Releases New Handheld Game Console and It Looks Terrible

Rapper Soulja Boy is diving into the video games industry in what could be the worst way possible. Instead of working with an established developer to make a mobile game, or lending his voice to a character, Mr. Boy is instead releasing a handheld console, and it looks about as promising as you'd expect a handheld console from Soulja Boy to look.

The SouljaGame is now on sale, for some reason SouljaWatch

Appropriately titled the SouljaGame, the console claims to have 3000+ built-in games. Titles range from NeoGeo games to Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color and three more consoles. (I'm not sure what "FC," "CP1" or "MD" are, though the latter could refer to Mega Drive, the Japanese name for the Sega Genesis.) Also listed on the SouljaGame site is a line that says "Type: For Switch/3DS/Vita/NEOGEO/GBC/Gameboy/GBA Handheld Game Players." Interpret that how you'd like. No specific games are mentioned, but we can see what looks like Mario Kart: Super Circuit and a Pokémon game on one screenshot. I have a hard time believing Nintendo signed off on this project.

The fabulous promise of 3000 games! What could go wrong? SouljaWatch

The SouljaGame boasts a meaty three-inch screen, doesn't have touch screen controls and is said to come in black, although all pictures depict a white console. The unit looks like the Wii U gamepad, but even that had a 6.2-inch screen. I guess a more appropriate comparison for the SouljaGame is the Game Boy Micro's two-inch screen.

How a SouljaGame console "connerts" to a TV SouljaWatch

According to a picture on the SouljaGame website, the console "Support connerting [sic] to TV." That's great news, but there's no mention of if "connertion" cables will be included with your purchase. If the picture is to be believed, the SouljaGame outputs to a TV via RCA cables, so hopefully you still have a TV that even has RCA ports.

The SouljaGame is clearly a premium product, which is why it has a premium price tag. Act fast, and you can secure your sweet new console for only $99.99, which is $100 off its original price. What a steal! (I have an obligation to break character for a moment to mention that nobody should buy this. It's a piece of garbage.)

The SouljaWatch, which is also available now SouljaWatch

If gaming isn't your thing, Soulja Boy also has the SouljaWatch on sale, which is a pretty blatant Apple Watch rip-off. I guess you have to respect the hustle, or something.

So what do you think? Are you as amused by the SouljaGame as I am? What other crazy celebrity-endorsed products have you found in your internet travels? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.