Soulja Boy Is Back With Two More Terrible Video Game Consoles

Soulja Boy recently made headlines for announcing that he is now in the video game console market, selling knockoff consoles at extremely high prices. Today, he announced new products in his line-up, and yes, they're more crappy knockoffs.

The first is the Retro SouljaBoy Mini, a Game Boy Pocket lookalike that can play emulated games. The Retro SouljaBoy Mini includes a whopping 8GB memory card, which is said to include 508 games. That's an incredibly specific number.

The Retro SouljaBoy Mini includes such features as "narrow keys" SouljaWatch

The Retro SouljaBoy Mini comes packaged with everything you'd expect, including "Narrow" keys. Interestingly, the device has a thin screen, which allows for L and R bumpers to fit on the back side.

The Retro SouljaBoy Mini retails for $99.99, but if you act quickly, you can buy it on sale for $69.99. Or just buy the same thing from Alibaba for $30. The Alibaba listing even includes identical pictures to the Retro SouljaBoy Mini. Come on Soulja Boy. If you're going to resell knockoffs, at least take a picture of yourself holding the thing.

The second device is more interesting: The SouljaGame Fuze. A quick reverse image search shows the SouljaGame Fuze is the Fuze Tomahawk F1, a console announced back in 2016. The console aimed to compete with the Xbox One and PS4 in China, despite not being capable of performing up to either console's standards.

Here's the thing with the Fuze Tomahawk F1: it's a real console, and the company behind it has helped produce games for the device. One such example is the upcoming Red Ash: The Indelible Legend for PC, PS4 & Xbox One from Keiji Inafune's development studio Level-5 Comcept. The game is billed as a spiritual sequel to Mega Man Legends. Other studios, including Ubisoft, are also said to have agreed to port games over to the console.

The same console, again with all the same pictures from the SouljaGame Fuze site, is available on AliExpress for a still-surprising amount of $319.99. Of course, this is still cheaper than buying from Soulja Boy's shop.

While it should be clear by now, I again find myself feeling the need to remind people to not buy anything from Soulja Boy. These devices are cheap knockoffs, and even if you did want one, you can buy one for a fraction of the price elsewhere.

So what do you think? Are you surprised Soulja Boy's video game dreams haven't been shut down yet? Have you used any of these knockoff consoles? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.