South Carolina Pig Race Goes Viral After Hilariously Anticlimactic Result

A South Carolina pig race has been watched more than 3.5 million times on TikTok—despite its disappointing ending.

"My first southern pig race," wrote Denae Marie, who is from New Jersey, on the video shared to her account @inspiredbydenae. The clip, which was posted just two days ago, began with so much potential—a trumpet fanfare and smoke as the "racing" pigs were released at a fair.

The pigs, however, weren't interested in performing for the crowd and instead ambled out of their boxes. Pig #3 sped ahead—in comparison to the rest—while Pig #2 barely left its box. A follow-up video shows the result, with two pigs named "Katy Piggy" and "Lindsay Lo-ham" neck and neck. In the end, Pig #3 won the race, although it's not entirely clear whether the victor was Katy or Lindsay.

"I don't know why I thought they would be fast," wrote Denae Marie. "I think I had more fun than the kids."

Many viewers on TikTok were also expecting a high-octane race. "I thought they would be sprinting," wrote one user.

"Why did I think they were going to come zooming out?" added another.

One social media user even assumed the video had had a slow-motion effect applied. "I thought the start was in slow motion, then I realised they were just slow," they wrote.

The viewers who were expecting speedy swine weren't too far off the mark, however. Most pig races—seen at fairs in many southern states of the U.S. and elsewhere—are run with piglets, which tend to be much faster. The competitors in this race, by contrast, were not only fully grown animals, but seemingly pot-bellied ones too.

"Okay why did I just realize that this isn't normal in other parts of the US, like this is just another 3:00pm show at the Texas State Fair," wrote one TikTok user.

While the lack of speed proved hilarious for viewers, Denae Marie's reaction as she filmed the race has also provided comic relief. Her contagious laughter can be heard throughout the two clips, with the TikToker clearly tickled by the anticlimactic race.

"Your laugh killed me. You sound so entertained, I love it," wrote one.

After another viewer described her as "the drunk lady laughing in the stands," Denae Marie even clarified in the comments that, although her laugh might have suggested otherwise, she was actually completely sober as she filmed the race.

A pig race
Stock image of a pig race. A woman's video of a South Carolina pig race has gone viral on TikTok. Getty Images