South County Pregnancy Help Center Responds to 'The Abortion War's Special Ops'

Ramona Davis, executive director of the South County Pregnancy Help Center, sent the following statement in response to Newsweek's story The Abortion War's Special Ops.

Center Seeks Recording from Newsweek

Saint Louis, MO – Ramona Davis, Executive Director of South County Pregnancy Help Center, today responded to The Abortion War's Special Ops, a story mentioning the Center which was posted to on August 20, 2014.

"Sadly, this article joins a series of unsuccessful attempts to discredit privately funded, faith based, charitable organizations providing critical pregnancy support services in communities across the nation.

Portions of this article portray South County Pregnancy Help Center in a way that does not reflect the professionalism and high standards of our staff and volunteers, and are inconsistent with the standard operating procedures of this center. We have requested the complete unedited audio and video referenced in this article and have not yet been provided a copy.

"South County Pregnancy Help Center exists to ensure that every woman receives honest and open information about her pregnancy options along with the support she needs. Our center regularly receives positive feedback from our service recipients on their experience with us.

"Women tell us they need three things: information that they can use to make an informed decision, unpressured time to make that decision, and resources to help them carry out their decision. At South County Pregnancy Help Center, we provide these things. The result? We help eliminate abortions by giving women and families crucial support as they welcome their child and create their own success story. Our free services include pregnancy tests, options education, medically accurate information, material support, parenting classes and limited obstetrical ultrasounds.

"We invite Ms. Yarrow to listen to our client's stories. At the end of the day, everyone can agree that women facing unplanned pregnancies deserve excellent support and care which South County Pregnancy Help Center, through the generosity of our community supporters, will continue to provide for years to come."

David Altis, Chairman of the Board of South County Pregnancy Help Center, further explains that "South County Pregnancy Help Center seeks to provide the truth to pregnant women that the children growing and developing inside them are individual living human beings with unique DNA, with a beating hearts 18 days after conception, with measurable brain waves 40 days after conception and that feel pain. Our center seeks to come alongside the mother to protect and nurture both her and the unique human being developing in her womb."

NEWSWEEK EDITOR'S NOTE: Newsweek did not make the video in question and has no rights to it.