Southern Republican Leadership Convention: Fired Up and Ready to Go

Who dat? It's the Republican conservatives (a redundancy) of the South, meeting here in New Orleans for a conference at the Riverside Hilton and feeling as feisty and confident at the Super Bowl–winning New Orleans Saints.

I've been coming to these for years and I've never seen a bigger group (at least a couple of thousand at the opening session tonight) or one more—to use a phrase—more fired up and ready to go.

Something about President Barack Obama—everything about Barack Obama—drives these folks crazy, and animates them with a fear-fueled energy that should have the Democrats worried, at least in the red states, and probably in the whole country this year.

As a first pass, I asked people in the ballroom here about the new START treaty and Obama's new stance on non-first-use of nuclear weapons. To say they were deeply skeptical is an understatement. Men and women alike, young and old alike, said Obama was; naive, weakening America, treasonous, and out to rule the world.

And they wanted to see the treaty text.