Your Elf on the Shelf Ideas Can't Top NASA's, Holiday Tradition Shows up on ISS

The bookshelf, the mantelpiece or maybe sitting in the Christmas tree are classic spots for the Elf on the Shelf to hide during the holiday season leading up to Christmas. But there's one Elf on the Shelf that's made quite a long journey to keep an eye out and report back to Santa.

The elf is on the International Space Station, astronaut Anne McClain tweeted Wednesday. McClain shared a photo of the little elf packed in a box of what appears to be other supplies for those on board the station.

McClain's tweet suggested she might be sharing more photos of the elf as Christmas approaches and that the elf has more time to make its way around its new home on the station. "I hope with his mischievous ways, he doesn't get into anything TOO important! We will have to wait and see…" she tweeted.

On the most recent SpaceX resupply mission that was sent to the ISS there were several items for the astronauts in preparation for the upcoming holiday. Around the holidays the astronauts get some festive food sent up to the station and some decorations to make the holiday more cheerful even though they're away from Earth and their loved ones.

Last Wednesday, a Falcon 9 SpaceX rocket launched to the station and when it arrives astronauts unpacked it to find they had turkey for Christmas as well as cranberry sauce, candied yams and fruitcake, the Associated Press reported.

It's a tradition for NASA to arrange for special deliveries to the station. They come in regular shipments that go to and from the station bringing supplies and those shipments also include crew care packages sometimes, according to NASA.

Last year around the holidays the astronauts on board got a brand new Christmas tree and they had presents to open on Christmas Day as well. The astronauts who will be on the station this year during Christmas haven't shared a photo of the tree yet but it will likely make an appearance around the holiday. Sometimes the astronauts can also get some presents from back on Earth sent up to the station as well for the holidays.

elf on the station
The elf on the shelf on the International Space Station. NASA