Spaghetti Hairbrush TikToks Are Baffling Gen-Zers Late to the Trend

This is not what we meant by "angel hair pasta." A recent TikTok trend involves replacing the teeth of a hairbrush with strands of spaghetti, boiling it in water, and placing it on a plate, as though to serve it up as a meal. TikTok user shared the clip in August, which gained viral recognition.

The hairbrush spaghetti is served without butter or sauce, and has left the TikTok community confused. "What are you gonna do with a pasta brush?" one user wrote. "What in the 5 minutes crafts is this?" another wrote.

One user pointed out what perhaps the purpose of this video was. "The point was so you don't have to drain the water," they wrote. Typically, when cooking spaghetti, you drain the water from the pasta pot once the pasta is done cooking, which I guess makes sense? (Don't tell my Italian relatives.)

One Redditor suggested that "These Tik Toks are mocking the s****y DIY/Lifehack Videos," adding that it was "REALLY obvious satire." Either way, Gen-Zers are bewildered by this cooking "hack."

Spaghetti Hairbrush TikTok
A diner twirls his spaghetti at Pellegrini's Expresso Bar in Melbourne, on April 14, 2010. One trend on TikTok now is replacing the teeth of a hairbrush with spaghetti. WILLIAM WEST/AFP via Getty Images

The (innovative?) idea of eating spaghetti with a hairbrush didn't exactly come to fruition with this TikTok trend. In February 2019, a story about Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar eating her salad with a comb resurfaced. In 2008, her aide forgot to bring her utensils for her meal to eat during a flight. There were no utensils found on the airplane, leaving Klobuchar without a fork. Klobuchar reportedly berated the aide, then proceeded to use a comb to eat her lunch.

After she ate her salad, Klobuchar handed her comb to the aid and asked them to clean it.

This bizarre method of eating salad led to folks contemplating whether there are other utensils we can use to eat beyond your average fork and spoon. Several people had the same idea of a new spaghetti policy: consumption a la hairbrush.

"WHAT NEXT, eating spaghetti with a hairbrush?????" one user pondered. "that seems at least reasonable? i cannot believe this is a thought i am having right now? that you could feasibly eat spaghetti with a hairbrush? all because someone actually, successfully(??) ate a salad with a comb???"

"Maybe next we'll find out she ate spaghetti with a hairbrush..." another user wrote with a screenshot of the incident.

"I can't stop imagining how easy it would be to eat spaghetti with a hairbrush."

After one user noted that it was a miracle that Klobuchar didn't have to eat spaghetti with her comb, one user responded: "Sheesh! Everyone knows you gotta use a hairbrush for spaghetti."

Whether the TikTok hairbrush spaghetti trend sparked from the comb-salad story remains a mystery.