Video of Dog Dressed Up as Giant Mutant Spider Terrifies the Internet

An old viral video of a dog in a spider costume has resurfaced on TikTok and has left viewers in hysterics.

The video, posted by TikTok user IceLucy2, clipped up parts of an old prank video.

The video showed a dog wearing a to-scale spider costume and running after people. The video was captioned "hmm spiderdog #spider#spiderdog?#justlaugh" and has been liked over 3 million times.

The original video was initially posted to Youtube on the SA Wardega channel in 2014.

Since being posted on September 4, 2014, the almost 4-minute video has amassed over 183 million views.

The longer video of the prank begins with a man in a disfigured face mask and costume walking in the dark with the dog in the spider costume.

He then turns to the camera and says go before letting go of the dog and watching as it runs off into the distance, the eight-limbed costume giving the illusion it is a massive spider.

The video then cuts to an unsuspecting man emptying his bin on the street before the dog surprises him causing him to drop the rubbish on the floor while the dog runs towards the camera.

The pranksters were also able to fool two women who entered a building to use the elevator. The camera cuts to a shot inside the elevator showing a man lying unconscious on the floor with the costumed dog standing over him.

When the doors open the girls scream and sprint out of the building rather than investigate further.

The video closed with two other people stumbling across a fake spider webs and fake human limbs only for the dog to surprise them and chase after them.

Viewers being reminded of the viral video also took to the TikTok comment section to express their delight at the prank video.

One user wrote: "What absolutely sends me about this is that it's secretly a super cute doggo excited to see them."

Another person wrote: "Omg, I'd have a heart attack, but that's hysterical."

While another user added: "That person is awesome. I just feel slightly bad for the dog since I can tell it doesn't know whats's going on."

However, some viewers were concerned for the dog's safety and warned that the prank could have easily gone wrong.

One viewer wrote: "Yo it is endangering the doggo, ya'll people can be o spontaneously mean when they're afraid."

Another added: "What if someone boots the dog and it dies. Dog owner is risking the dog's life."

Another person wrote: "That's so dangerous cause the way my mind is set up they would have lost their dog with on stump"

Newsweek has contacted the original video owner for comment.

dog haloween
A stock photo of a dog dressed up for Halloween. An old viral video of a dog in a spider costume has resurfaced on TikTok and has left viewers in hysterics. Getty Images