'Spider-Man: Far From Home': All Mysterio's Costume Needs Is a Fishbowl

All Jake Gyllenhaal needs is a fishbowl on his head and his Spider-Man: Far From Home character, Mysterio, will look as though he's been plucked straight from the pages of the comics. A new photo from the set has the best look Mysterio's costume yet. (Some pics made the social media rounds yesterday, but the faraway shots were nothing close to this.) There's so much glorious detail in that cape and armor…

He's not a superhero, but Gyllenhaal nails the landing nonetheless. Far From Home, which premieres July 5, 2019, will be Mysterio's cinematic debut. He's one of Spider-Man's most famous rogues gallery villains, an expert stuntman and illusionist, and a genius of misdirection, which keeps Spidey on his toes.

Quentin Beck version of Mysterio from 'Spider-Man/Deadpool.' Marvel / Joe Kelly with Ed McGuinness

Depending on which version of Mysterio, those boots he's wearing should be able to magnetically spring him into the air. The helmet, if he has one (surely he has to), keeps his foes guessing. He can see everything, but nobody can see him. Hidden within his costume and chest piece, Mysterio is known for unleashing smoke and chemical gases to disable those he comes up against.

Final scenes from Spider-Man: Far from Home in Liberec, now the end of filming pic.twitter.com/D9SNaHSBJk

— Marty Knap🇨🇿 (@CZMARTY7) September 30, 2018

His costume is actually a bit more goofy-looking in the comics, but you can't blame Sony for keeping up Gyllenhaal's image (and a glass dome helmet could solve this). This set photo might be an illusion we shouldn't trust just yet, but for now, step aside, Doctor Strange. There's a new magician in town.

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