'Marvel's Spider-Man' PS4 Combat Explained in New Video

Game Informer continues its exclusive look at Marvel's Spider-Man, one of the most anticipated games of 2018 with a new feature about the game's combat system.

Marvel's Spider-Man Creative Director Bryan Intihar speaks about how the Insomniac team determined the inspiration for Spider-Man's fighting style, and how gadgets, skill progressions and suit upgrades factor into everything.

The "how combat works in Spider-Man" video can be seen on Game Informer's site, but here are some points about the combat in the upcoming PS4 game.

  • The team wanted to show that this is a Spider-Man who is adept at using his powers and fighting.t
  • He can juggle between melee, using webs, gadgets and environmental interactions.
  • It's move and ability-based so you're not just throwing a combination of punches, you're mixing in web abilities.
  • There will be points in the game where it's fast-paced and you'll want to go in web slingers ablazing, but there will be other times where you can slow it down and be more cerebral.
  • Deep progressive system that unlocks new moves and abilities over time.
  • Craft new gear and suit mods.
  • Will be able to improve the abilities of gadgets over time.
  • Gadgets are accessible through a gadget wheel. Fans of Ratchet and Clank will recognize this feature.
  • The Tripwire is one gadget that sticks to a wall and when an enemy passes by it will trap them in a web.
  • The Tripwire can also be placed on an enemy so when a second enemy is nearby, they will stick to each other.
  • Web Bomb is great for crowd control. A sphere is thrown on the ground and it rises before shooting webs everywhere, capturing any enemies in its range.
  • Spider Drone is a small aerial machine that can shoot webs at enemies.
  • Spider-Man can grab an enemy with a line of web and swing them over his head to attack other enemies.
  • There will be sub-missions within missions that reward you with currency you can use for customization and character progression. For example, during a mission where you have to stop a robbery you may be tasked with defeating three enemies with a finisher.

Marvel's Spider-Man will release for PS4 Sept. 7.

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