Spirit Airlines Flight Delayed After Drunk Passenger Vomits in Woman's Hair

A Spirit Airlines flight was reportedly delayed yesterday morning after an allegedly drunk passenger threw up in a woman's hair and had to be escorted off the plane.

The troubled flight from Chicago to Baltimore was then held back a second time, when two other drunk passengers allegedly locked themselves in the plane's bathroom, just after the mess created by the first man had been cleared up, according to ABC 7 News Chicago.

It was reported that all passengers were asked to deplane after the first drunk man threw up in the unidentified woman's hair so the plane could be cleaned.

The unfortunate woman washed the vomit out of her hair in a sink, ABC 7 News Chicago said. It is not clear how long the Chicago-to-Baltimore flight was delayed by the two incidents.

Twitter user Cassidy Smith posted a thread of pictures and videos with updates from the flight, saying it was scheduled for 8 a.m.

Posting pictures of what seemed to be the woman with vomit in her hair, Smith wrote: "I. Would. Die." She later added that the woman had handled the incident "like an absolute champ."

Spirit Airlines
The man who threw up in the woman's hair on the Spirit Airlines flight was escorted off the plane. Spirit Airlines

After writing that the allegedly drunk man had been removed from the flight and the plane appeared "good to go," she tweeted a video of passengers waiting in the lounge with the message: "But not so fast! Now we all have to deplane so they can deep clean the plane."

Smith later posted a video of two other passengers leaving the flight, claiming they had locked themselves in the bathroom and "flood[ed] the back of the plane" while it was taxiing out.

Newsweek approached Spirit Airlines and Smith for comment but had not received responses by time of publication.

In her Twitter thread, Smith posted a video of the pilot addressing passengers saying staff had been "truly amazing" during the chaos.

"Are you guys from Vegas? Are you sure?" the pilot jokingly asked. "This stuff only happens on my Vegas flights. Never happens in Chicago, guys."

Passengers on another Spirit Airways flight in July were disrupted by an entirely different beast: a stowaway bat.

A video of the bat flying through the plane bound for Newark Liberty International Airport was posted by passenger Peter Scattini with the caption: "There is deada** a bat on this Spirit flight."

An airline spokesperson told Newsweek at the time that the bat was "eventually corralled into a lavatory and removed once on the ground by animal control officers."