Spoilers: Here Are The 'Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart' Couples You Can Look Forward To

A Star Is Born meets The Bachelor on Monday night, according to a new franchise teaser. The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart will challenge aspiring musicians to show their skills, compete for fame and fall in love: all in six weeks of dramatic content.

The series is new, so no one is entirely sure how it will work. It appears to function similarly to Bachelor Pad, the now-defunct Bachelor spinoff that acted as a heated competition series. The big difference for Listen To Your Heart is that couples will really be forced to perform and try to advance their careers, all while dealing with the in-house drama and ever-changing relationships that are bound to spark in the setting.

Fans of the franchise known how quickly bonds can form and break—we all saw Dean Unglert on Bachelor In Paradise, right? While the path that the romances on Listen To Your Heart take is unpredictable, there are two, strong couples we know who are standing at the end, according to Reality Steve.

The first is Bri (28) and Chris (30). Bri is a pop singer, who falls head over heels for Chris, a Soul singer. The pair are expected to make it all the way to the end, according to Reality Steve, and will even be the first couple to say "I love you" on the show.

Bri and Michael Bachelor
Bri and Michael chat after arriving to the Bachelor mansion on 'Listen To Your Heart.' John Fleenor/ABC

From early spoilers, there's no immediate drama to predict between Bri and Chris, but anything can happen when it comes to The Bachelor. There's another predicted couple that will host more drama if Bachelor Nation has anything to say about it.

"Jamie is the sweet and fun-loving girl next door who knows her way around a six-string guitar," according to her Bachelor bio. The 21-year-old from Nashville, Tennessee is a pop/country performer. She's expected to spark a strong connection with Trevor, a 29-year-old pop/country singer from Encino, California. But Bachelor fans are already worried about Jamie.

Trevor has been seen on reality TV before. Apparently, he was an American Idol contestant with an awkward storyline. Reality Steve reminded fans that Trevor was the subject of a flirtation with Katy Perry, even though he had a girlfriend at the time.

It seems fans, and the spoiler blogger already knows a bit about Trevor's personal life. He's been called a "playboy," and TikToks of him with another girl (not Jamie) have already surfaced. Of course, his relationship with Jamie is likely to stay under wraps until Listen To Your Heart ends, but that hasn't stopped fans from questioning of Trevor's romantic reputation will end with Jamie heartbroken.

(SPOILER): I’m not gonna keep a running tally, or have a page dedicated to it, but anytime I get “Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart” pics I’ll post them. They’re filming in Venice Beach today. The guy is definitely Trevor, the one who Katy Perry hit on on AI when he had a gf... pic.twitter.com/XMfXuQtXCV

— RealitySteve (@RealitySteve) January 28, 2020

No matter what happens, it's predicted that Jamie and Trevor will be a successful musical duo who makes it to the end of the series.