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10 GNC Women's Health Products You Should Try

GNC Products for Women Could Be Great for Your Wellness Routine
Vitamins in a vitamin organizer

It's important to consult your doctors with any medical concerns, and before making any changes or adding supplements to your health plan.

If you had "get healthier" on your New Year's resolutions list, you might be thinking about adding some vitamins and supplements into your diet but don't quite know where to start. GNC offers a wide range of health products to assist with different wellness goals like weight loss, women's and men's health, mental focus, energy support and more. If you're new to the world of vitamins and supplements, here are some of GNC's most customer-loved products for women:

  1. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides
Vital Proteins collagen peptides

If you've been paying attention to the skin care space, you've probably heard about collagen and the potential benefits it can provide. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, and our body's production of it slows over time. Taking a collagen supplement could help support hair, skin, nail, bone and joint health and possibly result in more hydrated and brighter-looking skin.

Buy Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides for $43 here.

2. GNC Women's Vitapak Program 50 Plus

GNC Vitapak Program 50+

Specifically formulated for women over 50, this all-in-one product contains a multivitamin, antioxidant formula, bone support and and brain and cardiovascular health supplements for a comprehensive vitamin regimen that is said to support aging.

Buy GNC Women's Vitapak Program 50 Plus for $49.99 here.

3. GNC Women's Multivitamin Ultra Mega

GNC Womens Multivitamin Ultra Mega

Designed to support women's overall health needs, this multivitamin takes the guesswork out of vitamin shopping with a blend that touches on many of the concerns that are important to women's health. This multivitamin is said to provide immune support, choline and GABA for brain health, and biotin and antioxidants to benefit skin, hair and nail health.

Buy GNC Women's Multivitamin Ultra Mega for $29.99 here.

4. Alani Nu Balance Women's Support Capsule

Alani Nu Balance Capsules

This women's multivitamin by the brand Alani Nu is said to be a great addition to any women's wellness routine. The blend contains ingredients that are reported to help with cell function and growth as well as cell energy metabolism, and it also includes folate for reproductive health.

Buy Alani Nu Balance Capsules for $49.99 here.

5. GNC Women's Advanced Hair, Skin and Nails Formula

GNC Hair, Skin, and Nails

This physician-endorsed formula for women's beauty packs a megapunch of hair and nail-healthy biotin, with 2,000 percent of the required daily value. It's also fortified with collagen, lutein and hyaluronic acid to promote skin health and elasticity, as well as antioxidants for free radical protection.

Buy Women's Advanced Hair, Skin and Nails formula for $24.99 here.

6. Women's Best Chewable Jelly Bean Multivitamins

Womens Best Jellybean Multivitamin

These jelly bean multivitamins are customer loved, with close to five stars. They contain a range of vitamins and minerals that are said to promote women's health. With apple, raspberry and orange-flavored jelly beans, these multivitamins could turn your vitamin routine into a tasty treat.

Buy Women's Best Chewable Jelly Bean Multivitamins for $19.99 here.

7. GNC Women's Evening Primrose Oil

GNC Women's Evening Primrose Oil

GNC claims that taking an evening primrose oil supplement can help support skin health and cardiovascular health as well as assist in balancing hormones—making it a beneficial addition to most women's wellness routine. These capsules also contain GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) and omega 6 for added potential health benefits.

Buy GNC Women's Evening Primrose Oil for $34.99 here.

8. GNC Probiotic Solutions Women's

GNC Probiotic Solutions Women's

This clinically studied multistrain probiotic is said to be customized specifically for women's digestive and immune health. This probiotic is formulated with five different active strains of probiotic cultures and 200 milligrams of cranberry fruit extract for urinary tract health.

Buy GNC Probiotic Solutions Women's for $34.99 here.

9. Traditional Supplements Red Yeast Rice

Traditional Supplements Red Yeast Rice

GNC claims red yeast rice is beneficial for both menopausal women and adult men interested in supplementing a healthy diet and workout routine. Red yeast rice may also promote healthy cholesterol levels.

Buy Traditional Supplements Red Yeast Rice for $49.99 here.

10. GNC Women's Vitapak Program - Menopause Support

GNC Women's Vitapak Menopause Support

Designed to benefit women going through menopause, this studied multivitamin blend is said to contain black cohosh, soy isoflavones and evening primrose oil, which GNC claims offer menopause and hormonal support. In addition, GNC adds milk basic protein (MBP) for bone health, omega-3s and GLA for cardiovascular health and antioxidants for possible protection against free radical damage.

Buy GNC Women's Vitapak Program Menopause Support for $49.99 here.

GNC offers vitamin supplements specifically formulated for women's health. Check out GNC's full range of products here.

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