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Throughout the country, there seems to be a rising eagerness to learn more. And not just about academic subjects—people are pursuing topics of special interest not only for the sake of getting a job or strengthening a skill but simply for the pure joy of lifelong learning.

In a research topic posted by Pew Research about "self-administered online programs," they quoted Marti Hearst, School of Information professor at the University of California, who talked about the advantage technology brought to the field of learning. Hearst noted how "anyone who can read and has an internet connection" can now simply go online to learn just about anything. He said, "In today's complex world, people want to be continually learning, and being able to take short courses when needed to fill in gaps, or longer sets of courses to learn a new topic or skill, without interrupting one's life, will become a regular part of life."

But how can somebody who wants to learn more beyond the casual internet search—whether for professional or personal pursuit—continue to satiate their thirst for knowledge without the need to enroll at a university?

Lifelong Learning With One Day University

The answer might be in One Day University, an affordable online subscription portal that gives its subscribers access to talks from some of the most esteemed professors from well-known universities throughout the country. The lectures are said to be created specifically with their "students-for-a-day" in mind, facilitated by academics who believe in the benefits and rewards of lifelong learning. One Day University offers talks that tackle various fields, including the arts, history and politics, science, psychology and lifestyle and business.

Before the pandemic, One Day University even had live events in different states that streamed in real-time on its platforms. While the company only recently began to offer in-person talks again, its daily live stream continues, usually happening at 4:00 p.m. EST every weekday. In May 2021, One Day University partnered with Curiosity Stream, an award-winning platform for documentaries and other informative feature films. This partnership only further widened One Day University's scope in providing information to its subscribers.

For the past 12 years, One Day University has worked with more than 200 lecturers who have been recognized by both their students and peers for their engaging and inspiring classes. This work has resulted in more than 400 video lectures in One Day University's library—with new video lectures uploaded every week.

The best part? You could gain access to all of these for just $8.95 per month or $89 per year simply by visiting the One Day University website and joining as a member.

Fascinating Talks to Stream on One Day University

Here are some video lectures from renowned professors that you can stream on One Day University:

Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness

Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness
One Day University

Category: Psychology and Lifestyle

Presented by Amherst College professor Catherine Sanderson, "Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness" discusses how happiness contributes to our overall well-being and what factors affect the joy we feel in our daily lives. This lecture is for individuals interested in research about positive psychology and how institutions—from companies to the government—can use this science to help bring more happiness into their communities.

Find out more about this lecture here.

Similar lectures to check out: "Merely Bystanders: The Psychology of Courage and Inaction" and "Making Better Decisions."

Funny Hollywood: Essential Comedies From Some Like It Hot to Lady Bird

Funny Hollywood: Essential Comedies
One Day University

Category: Arts

There is a lot to learn about society and culture based on humor, and this class explores that. Led by Yale University professor Marc Lapadula, "Funny Hollywood: Essential Comedies From Some Like It Hot to Lady Bird" talks about some of the most iconic comedy movies of the past decades and how these films "are capable of transcending eras regardless of age, sex, race or cultural background."

Discover more about this class here.

Similar lectures to check out: "How Did They Ever Shoot That Scene? The Most Challenging and Dangerous Movie Sequences Ever Filmed" and "The Films of Stanley Kubrick."

The Civil War and Abraham Lincoln: What's Fact and What's Fiction?

The Civil War and Abraham Lincoln
One Day University

Category: History and Politics

Casting a spotlight on a period in history, "The Civil War and Abraham Lincoln: What's Fact and What's Fiction?" discusses the events that conspired during the U.S. Civil War and Abraham Lincoln's true contributions to it. Rutgers University professor Louis Masur leads an insightful discourse for those who want to understand how Lincoln's presidency and leadership influenced America's views on democracy and liberty.

Get more information about this lecture here.

Similar lectures to check out: "Race in America: A Country Divided" and "Free Speech Revisited: Provocative Views of the First Amendment."

The Evolution of Irrationality

The Evolution of Irrationality
One Day University

Category: Psychology and Lifestyle

Would you like to know what causes us to make irrational and often rash decisions and how we could avoid doing it? In "The Evolution of Irrationality," Yale University professor Laurie Santos walks us through where "classic biases" in our judgment-making come from, how monkeys make similar financial choices as we do, and how we can overcome these biases.

Learn more about this class here.

Similar lectures to check out: "How to Think Like a Genius: What Makes Them Different?" and "What Is Emotional Intelligence?"

Can Creativity Be Taught? The Science Behind Imagination

Can Creativity Be Taught?
One Day University

Category: Science

Following the positive impact of creativity in one's life, Harvard University professor Shelley Carson explores where creativity comes from and what neuroscience has discovered about it. "Can Creativity Be Taught? The Science Behind Imagination" defines creativity and imagination seen through a more scientific lens and talks about how we use these in our lives every single day.

Find out more about this lecture here.

Similar lectures to check out: "Enhancing Creativity: How to Maximize Imagination, Productivity and Innovation" and "The Science of Pleasure: Why We Like What We Like."

Signing Up at One Day University

Apart from the many other videos you can watch live or stream from its library, subscribing to One Day University comes with a few more perks. One of these is the Weekend Scholar Newsletter, offering free clips, special events, limited-time deals and more. Depending on their plan, members could get ticket discounts to live even.ts and live Q&A sessions with professors during the lectures. One Day University offers monthly ($8.95 per month), annual ($7.50 per month) and two-year ($6 per month) memberships, including a 14-day trial period.

For avid learners, perhaps one of the best parts about learning is the feeling of exhilaration it could bring. It can be fulfilling to understand better a subject you love and its effect on the world today. Dive into the world of learning once again through One Day University and its affordable lectures from prestigious universities that you can "attend'' at your own time and pace.

Learn from the country's best professors—sign up for One Day University today.

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