Innovator: Katherine Lo

Founder, Eaton Workshop
Katherine Lo
Katherine Lo Julian Berman

Katherine Lo is revolutionizing the hotel industry with Eaton Workshop, a concept that's part accommodation, part coworking space and part cultural incubator. “My generation is more fluid,” says Lo. “There's a lot more connection between what we work on and our personal passions.” The Eaton Workshop in Washington, D.C., houses a wellness center, a cinema and its own radio station, while the new Hong Kong outpost includes a food hall and yoga studio. (Workshops are also planned for Seattle, San Francisco and Toronto.) The hope is to attract creative spirits with a space that fuels social change, whether that's in the library (crammed with social-justice titles), the gallery (displaying political works from local artists) or even the front desk (where copies of LGBT-themed books banned in Hong Kong are available). “There's been a trend in companies that have a moral compass,” she says. “We're not excluding anyone, but we're very clear about our progressive values.”

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