Innovator: Tim Brown

Co-founder, Allbirds
Tim Brown
Tim Brown Cody Pickens

As a professional soccer player in New Zealand, Tim Brown spent a lot of time in sneakers covered in flashy logos and bold patterns. So when he started Allbirds, a San Francisco–based shoe startup, in 2016, he wanted to keep things as simple as possible: The insanely comfortable kicks come in only a handful of muted colors and styles, and they retail for just $95. (High-tops go for $115.) “Humility is how we've approached the design,” says Brown. “We're whispering when everyone else is shouting.”

It has proved to be a winning formula—Allbirds sold its millionth pair last May, and the company is worth upwards of a billion dollars. Brown and co-founder Joey Zwillinger are also leading the way in sustainability, using renewable materials like merino wool and eucalyptus tree fiber. The soles on Allbirds' new flip-flops are derived from sugarcane—and they're giving the formula to anyone who wants to use it, free of charge: “We can't wait for consumers' tastes to change,” says Brown. “I believe businesses can be a force for good. Business 1.0 was about logos and brands. Business 2.0 is about authenticity and purpose.”

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