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Performance, Peace of Mind, and the Technology that Could Help with Both

This Could Be the Missing Tech You Need to Sleep and Perform Better
Man wearing the Cove wearable

It's important to consult your doctors with any medical concerns, and before making any changes to your health plan.

There is a certain satisfaction that comes with performing at your best. Whether it's running a marathon or running a meeting, it feels good to bring your A-game to the task at hand. Unfortunately, many of us fail to perform at this level due to a combination of poor sleep and high stress.

Chronic stress could distract you from your goals and drain your mental energy. In fact, stress has been linked to depression, anxiety and a slew of health problems that might get in the way of peak performance. Likewise, poor sleep could leave you lethargic, irritable and unfocused.

According to the Sleep Foundation, a healthy sleep schedule is essential to physical and mental wellbeing. When you sleep, vital organs like the heart and brain "rest" and recover, improving cognitive function and overall health. That's why your mind tends to be sharper after a good night's rest.

Man wearing Cove before bed

As wearable fitness trackers become popular, more people notice links between their performance and various body metrics, such as sleep or heart rate. Yet, simply being aware of these patterns may not be enough to change them. Most wearables passively track hours slept or steps taken but do little to improve wellbeing.

Cove, a new wearable by Feelmore Labs, aims to actively improve how you feel and, in doing so, help you take performance to the next level. The company describes its product as a science-backed wearable that allows users to stress less, sleep better and feel better. Cove could help your mind and body function more optimally by targeting critical aspects of well-being- sleep and stress levels.

What is Cove?

According to the company, Cove is a new kind of wearable that actively improves how users feel, rather than just tracking information. For that reason, they've dubbed the product a "feelable."

Francois Kress, co-founder and CEO of Feelmore Labs, the makers of Cove, had this to say: "Early on, we noticed that there was a gap in the consumer wearable industry for tools that provided relief for the stressful parts of life rather than simply tracking them. That is why we sought to create a device that effortlessly fits into people's everyday lives, improving wellbeing but not interfering with daily routines."

Worn just behind the ears, Cove works by delivering gentle, targeted vibrations directly to the skin. The frequency and pattern of these vibrations are said to be specially calibrated to activate a brain pathway involved in sleep, stress and general wellbeing. Used daily, Cove gradually strengthens this pathway, helping users sleep better and stress less. And, the company notes, when you're well-rested and stress-free, you have the energy and focus you need to achieve your full potential.

Woman wearing the Cove wearable

Feelmore Labs has worked with a total of 3,500 participants in its clinical studies to support its claims. In home-use trials conducted by the brand, people who used Cove daily for one month experienced a 50 percent improvement in sleep and 41 percent less stress.

On Cove's Facebook page, Dr. Leon Morales-Quezada, an instructor with the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department of the Harvard Medical School, said:

"While I've seen many companies introduce neurostimulation consumer products, only Feelmore Labs (the makers of Cove) has taken a purely scientific method to establish an evidence-based foundation to support its claims."

According to the company, brain imaging studies show that Cove strengthens connections in the insular cortex, a brain region that plays a crucial role in emotional balance. By enhancing mental wellbeing, Cove may improve users' energy and help them focus on what matters most to them.

When and How to Use Cove

Man wearing Cove at work

Cove was designed to be convenient and fit into any schedule. The device is worn for just 20 minutes, twice daily, while users go about their routine. For example, a user might wear Cove once while they get ready in the morning and again as they relax with a book before bed. While Cove may help you unwind in the evening, it was not designed for you to wear while you sleep.

Cove may help your body and mind function at the highest level by improving your sleep and reducing stress.

To further enhance the Cove experience, users can download a companion mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Using the app, you may set session reminders, explore a user guide, and log your sleep and stress changes.

Cove wearable app

The company is also working on new app features that will use Cove's heart rate sensor and accelerometer to offer even more useful feedback for users.

You can't bring your A-game if you have poor sleep and chronic stress. Cove aims to help users perform at the highest levels, mentally and physically, by actively addressing these common problems.

Improve performance, get peace of mind and a good night's rest with Cove. Buy or finance one today.

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