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This Top Password Manager Can Help Protect Your Gadgets From Hackers—Here's How

Every Gadget Lover Should Use a Password Manager
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These days we all use gadgets and smartphones on a daily if not hourly basis. We use technology to work, shop, play games, chat with friends on social media, keep up with family, and take part in all sorts of other activities on our gadgets. Unfortunately, the majority of people use very weak passwords and reuse them on different websites, and both of those are a no-no.

Two of the most popular passwords for several years in a row are "123456" or "password," and neither of those is very secure. When you use a weak passphrase, it leaves you vulnerable to cyberattacks. Such details could fall into the hands of cybercriminals and end up floating around the dark web, often for sale, which could lead to fraud or even identity theft.

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How are you supposed to use strong, unique passwords on all the websites you use? The easy solution is a password manager from Keeper Security. Password managers create strong passwords for every website you visit, then securely store all your login information to help you log in automatically. They encrypt all your passwords with one master password—and that master password is the only one you have to remember.

You've probably heard of a password manager before but have yet to take the plunge. It can take some time to get everything set up initially, but these days, it's absolutely worth the effort to keep you and your family safe. And now that Keeper Security was named the best overall password manager of 2021 by U.S. News & World Report's 360 Reviews, now is a great time to try it.

Why Not Use Your Browser Autofill?

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Most iPhone or Android devices offer some sort of password management tool, typically in the web browser. So when Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox asks if you want to save a password, that's what's happening. And while saving your login information and password to Google Chrome is convenient and better than nothing, it's not ideal.

For one, the autofill password feature on mobile devices typically just remembers the password you're already using, which often isn't very secure. And when you do use the tool to create a strong password on new accounts, it's built into the OS and not secured behind an app like Keeper Security.

Dedicated password managers like the one offered by Keeper Security deliver strong encryption ensuring your information is safe, not to mention more features and advanced controls that a browser simply can't provide.

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How Keeper Security Can Keep Your Gadgets Safe

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Generate Random, Super-Secure Passwords

Password managers aren't just about making it easy to remember passwords. You also want one to generate random, secure, strong passwords for you. Keeper Security states that 80 percent of all data breaches are caused by weak passwords like the ones mentioned earlier, so generating something stronger than what you currently use is essential.

Use Auto-Fill Safely

As we said earlier, using your browser autofill isn't ideal, but the convenience is why so many people still use it. Thankfully, Keeper Security offers a robust password manager with its own built-in autofill. Once all set up, KeeperFill generates strong, random passwords and automatically enters them when you sign into a website or application.

KeeperFill means you don't have to think up passwords or remember them for each of the dozens of logins you have. Instead, keeper Security does all the work for you, making the possibility of a hacked account or unsafe autofill a thing of the past.

Secure Payment Transactions

If you're going to use a password manager, you might as well have one that delivers additional features. One such feature is Secure Payment with Keeper Security.

Secure Payment can help secure your identity, login, and payment information during checkouts on websites and apps by checking them against a database before filling in the information. It's an added layer of security that keeps you safe.

Protect your passwords today and download Keeper Security today.

Two-Factor Authentication

Another aspect of passwords is something known as two-factor authentication (2FA) or two-step verification that goes beyond just a single password. For example, when you attempt to log in, a second window will ask for a security code sent via text message to your phone. This double layer makes it hard for an outside attacker to gain access without your password and mobile device.

Keeper works with dedicated 2FA apps like Google Authenticator, phones, and apps that use fingerprint scans, FaceID, and SMS authentication to verify your identity. Using 2FA adds extra protection on top of your password manager to give you peace of mind.

Secure All Your Private Information in an Encrypted Vault

That's not all either. As a bonus, Keeper Security also bundles a super-helpful secure file storage option with its service. Users can lock important files, documents, travel itineraries, passports, photo ID copies, photos, or video in an encrypted digital vault that's accessible at a moment's notice.

According to Keeper Security, most adults in the United States have over 100 different gadgets, apps, programs, or accounts that require a login, password, pin, or fingerprint. It is a big task to remember all of those accounts or passwords and keep them safe. So let Keeper Security make things easier, faster, and more secure.

Try Keeper's Password Manager free for the first 30 days and enjoy all it has to offer. Then, keep a limited free version on a single device, or purchase Keeper Unlimited for 30 percent off by clicking here.

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