Andy Murray Reveals He Wants to Work in Football

Andy Murray
Andy Murray at the Australian Open, Melbourne, January 17, 2015. Murray wants to work in football when he retires from his tennis playing career. WILLIAM WEST/AFP/Getty

Andy Murray is considering a career in football when his time on the tennis court comes to an end.

Murray, who was awarded a knighthood in the New Year honors list, says he has already contemplated plans for when he retires from tennis.

The 29-year-old insists he will never be far from a tennis racket as he considers coaching but the Hibernian fan wants to have some involvement in football.

"I am sure I will always have some involvement in tennis," Murray told The Times. "I would like to give something back as tennis has obviously given a lot to me, I do care about British tennis a lot, I would like to see it doing better.

"Something within British tennis probably, potentially coaching another player.

"I would like to do something in football. I watch loads of it. I am into my fantasy sports a lot."

With retirement still some years off for Murray, he is currently preparing for the Australian Open, which begins on Monday.