Watch: Welcome to The NBA, Lonzo Ball! Clippers' Patrick Beverley Says Hello

Lonzo Ball
Lonzo Ball at Staples Center, Los Angeles, California, October 19. Harry How/Getty

After all the hype around Lonzo Ball's arrival in the NBA, it was clear that Patrick Beverley was keen to show the new kid who's who when the Clippers faced the Lakers in their first game of the season.

Ever since Ball, the 19-year-old rookie, was drafted by the Lakers as the second overall pick, the L.A. fan base has been rejuvenated by expectations. His father, LaVar Ball, expects him to be better than Steph Curry while Lakers President Magic Johnson believes they share the same "basketball IQ." No pressure, then.

So when Ball stepped onto the court at Staples Center for his first NBA game, much was expected. But just minutes into the first quarter, Patrick Beverley chest-bumped Ball 94 feet away from the basket. Just moments later, at midcourt, Beverley fouled Ball hard, causing him to fall to the ground.

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Take a look:

Welcome to the NBA Lonzo Ball

— JzoSports (@JzoSports) October 20, 2017

And it seemed to work. Ball managed just three points, nine rebounds and four assists in a subdued debut appearance that saw the Lakers beaten 108-92.

"We got blown out, so I didn't play too well," Ball said, as quoted by the Associated Press. "It was great to start out, but all I care about is winning, and we lost today. We've got to regroup."

The reaction from the home fans was clear for all to hear, including Lakers coach Luke Walton. "I wasn't happy with what we gave our fans tonight," he said. "Obviously I heard the (boos), and we deserved it at those times."

But Ball was anything but disheartened. After the game, he said he was still the man to reinivigorate the Lakers. "I'll be ready," Ball told The Vertical. "I have to show it in my game, because when we win, people won't talk. But if we lose, people will think it affects me. It's wins and losses for me. We know it's a process."

And he will have his chance on Saturday night when the Lakers take on the Phoenix Suns in Arizona.