Unsolvable Children's Puzzle Baffles Internet, Dubbed 'Hell' and 'Genius'

A children's puzzle has gripped the internet as users have spent hours attempting to solve a seemingly impossible "spot the difference."

The outline image of four dinosaurs appears on the puzzle card, with text asking: "Which dinosaur is different?"

After being shared to popular Subreddit "Crappy Designs" the image received over 32,000 votes as the poster asked: "PLEASE show me the difference."

The post was met with users racking their brains in an attempt to source the difference between the seemingly identical dinosaurs.

It isn't the first time the card has confused the internet either. Earlier in the year, another image was similarly posted of the card, which is claimed to be from a "game box from the dollar store."

"Maybe someone has a better eye than I," wrote the Reddit user while enlisting help.

In April, a Twitter user posted a photo of the card too, tweeting: "Can somebody please help me with this. What the f**k."

The impossible task proved a challenge for many this time round too, as users rushed to share the lengths they went to figure it out unsuccessfully. Guesses ranged from specks of dirt on the page being moles, to them being slightly different sizes.

"Wow you really had me stare at this picture for way too long," wrote one user.

"This bothered me so I put it in Photoshop and layered each one. The page is a bit skewed so I used the distortion tool to make them fit exactly.. Then I raked each layer transparency up and down....and they're all identical. I know I wasted 15 minutes of my life but it was worth it," wrote one Reddit user.

Another individual, Thomas Kaldahl, shared an animation they made from the images, proving that there's no difference between each dinosaur.

"I made a flipbook by extracting the dinos from the photograph and applying linear transformations on them to make them align properly. This makes me certain that the dinos are identical," he wrote.

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"Prove the dinosaurs are the same is a better puzzle anyway," joked one user.

However, it would appear those claiming no differences really exist could potentially be right, as a Twitter user claimed to have contacted the company behind the puzzle after it left her stumped in April. According to the customer, the company informed her it was a printing error on their behalf.

"I came across this same s****y lil card a few weeks ago and emailed the company because wtf is that and they said 'sorry, that's a misprint' and sent me this. Hell," tweet Jaileen.

The attached image showed the graphic from the card, showing the bottom left dinosaur to have a missing nostril.

Newsweek has contacted Jaileen for further information.

"Whoever made this has young kids and is a genius," noted one user on the endless distracting hours spent looking for the difference.