Spotify Only You: How to Access Audio Birth Chart and Other Features

Spotify has announced their latest feature update—and it's all about you.

The streaming giant, which was founded in 2006, has become popular for its Wrapped feature, which gives users an annual overview of their discoveries and most-played artists.

Now, the platform has unveiled a unique global campaign, titled Only You, to celebrate the different ways their 365 million users listen to music.

Only You breaks down a listener's musical preferences into a series of categories to create personalized playlists that no one else will have.

Users can access the experience via the Spotify app by going to the 'search' tab.

Here are all the features that are available on Only You.

Your Audio Birth Chart

The Audio Birth Chart is made up of three cosmic signs, Sun, Moon and Rising.

The Sun sign is the artist a user has listened to most over the last six months.

A user's Moon sign is dictated by an artist that best represents their emotional side.

Finally, the Rising sign is an artist that has been recently discovered by the listener.

Your Dream Dinner Party

To mix it up, users will be given the chance to pick three artists they would most like to invite to the ultimate dinner party.

After they've made their selections, the app then whisks up a personalized Spotify Mix playlist for each artist in a bid to set the mood.

Your Artist Pairs

Your Artist Pairs shines a light on just how vast a user's music taste really is.

The feature displays two songs that have been played back-to-back from completely different genres so the listener can see how broad their musical interests are.

Your Song Year

This addition enables a user to see which time periods they've explored musically with their listening choices.

Your Time of Day

Your Time of Day is essentially a Spotify clock.

It tells the listener what music and podcasts they have listened to either when they first get up in the morning or right before they switch off for the evening.

Your Genres/Topics

This feature explores the unique genre combination a user enjoys either via music or podcasts.

The app showcases two genres, which are poles apart, that have been listened to so the user can see the breadth of their listening habits.


Blend, which is currently in beta mode, is a bonus addition that makes the streaming experience more collaborative.

Users will have the chance to combine their musical preferences with a friend into one playlist so they can enjoy each other's choices.

Spotify has rolled out its latest update
Spotify has rolled out its latest campaign, Only You. The update allows users to explore their listening habits. Spotify