Spotify Wrapped 2020 Inspires Memes, Jealousy From Apple Music Users

It's that time of the year again, when Spotify users flood social media with comments and screenshots of their year in music, provided, of course, by Spotify's annual Wrapped data.

The music streaming service announced on Tuesday that subscribers' 2020 Wrapped info was finally ready, giving users insight as to how they spent the year as music listeners—the artists and genres that individuals listened to the most, users' top songs and podcasts of the year, how many minutes they spent streaming music in 2020 and more. There's even a tab for that "one song helped you get through it all," which includes info on when users started listening to a specific song, how many minutes they listened to that song and the dates in which they streamed the song the most.

With sharing features that allow users to auto-post on their Instagram Stories and Twitter accounts, social media was inundated with insights from countless people excited to spotlight their 2020 listening habits. Naturally, this made many of those folks the bane of Apple Music users' existence—despite the fact that Apple has also released its own version of Wrapped, dubbed Replay.

Spotify Wrapped 2020 Inspires Jealousy from Apple
The logos of Apple Music and Spotify apps are shown on October 11, 2017, in Hong Kong, Hong Kong. studioEAST/Getty Images

For as many people that have shared their Spotify Wrapped intel, there are as many people who did not use the music streaming platform who are sharing memes and messages laced with jealousy. Despite Apple Music users' claims that the service is the elite option when it comes to streaming tunes, many folks who use Apple for their daily dose of music couldn't help but feel a wee bit of FOMO.

"Me, an Apple Music user seeing people talk about Spotify wrapped," one person tweeted, alongside a meme from ESPN's Michael Jordan-centric docuseries The Last Dance.

me, an apple music user seeing people talk about Spotify wrapped

— JJ the Nerd (@JjJanitor) December 2, 2020

A picture of a sad-looking President-elect Joe Biden helped one Twitter user describe how they felt seeing all the tweets about Spotify's Wrapped 2020.

Apple Music users rn watching @Spotify users post their #wrapped2020

— G. 😷 (@GuilleCummings) December 2, 2020

Meanwhile, another person used a meme of The Office character Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) looking idly through window blinds to express how Apple Music users feel about Spotify listeners getting access to individualized data based on the music they jammed to throughout the year.

"Apple Music users looking at Spotify users enjoying our 2020 Wrapped details," the tweet reads.

Apple Music users looking at Spotify users enjoying our 2020 Wrapped details

— #17 (@Father_Lurch) December 2, 2020

A number of people used a meme of Squidward watching Spongebob and Patrick having a blast to convey their feelings of not being able to partake in all of the... "un-Wrapping."

apple music users watching everyone talk about their spotify wrapped

— brown (@BrownRapFan) December 2, 2020

When you're on Apple Music and you see everyone posting their Spotify 2020 Wrapped

— Joey Banks (@joeyabanks) December 2, 2020

DW, from the kids series Arthur, was also routinely used to depict just how left out Apple Music users feel when it's Spotify Wrapped season.

How the people with Apple Music be feeling with all the Spotify stories

— Rachel from Friends (@rach_thegemini) December 2, 2020

Apple music users watching all of the elite drop their spotify wrapped for this year 🤧

— Holly E H (@Holly_E_H) December 2, 2020

It's not just Apple Music users feeling left out, though. YouTube Music, Tidal and Amazon Music subscribers are also suffering from a case of the blues, from not having musical insights of their own.

"Me using a local music player instead of Spotify OR Apple Music," one person wrote.

Me using a local music player instead of Spotify OR Apple Music

— Poke (@Pokemanic33) December 2, 2020

the tl: *everyone's spotify and apple music year-end lists*

me, an amazon music

— gideon || working on new music era (@neverwannadie) December 2, 2020