Staff Uncover CCTV Cameras In IKEA Toilets

IKEA has launched an investigation after staff at an English outlet found CCTV cameras had been placed in their toilets.

According to The Peterborough Telegraph, the staff made the discovery last week at the city's Kingston Park center.

They found cameras hidden behind ceiling panels when the lights went out in one of the blocks. A staff member then spotted an infra-red light coming from a gap in the panels and later found a CCTV camera.

More cameras in both the male and female toilets were then found by members of staff, according to the outlet.

The outlet reported that following a complaint to managers, staff claim they were told the cameras were installed in 2015 but are no longer working.

In a statement sent to The Peterborough Telegraph, an IKEA spokesperson confirmed they were first installed in 2015 and had launched an investigation into why they were allowed to remain.

The spokesperson said: "We take the protection of our co-workers' safety and privacy very seriously.

"In 2015, for the purpose of maintaining a safe workplace for all co-workers, surveillance cameras were installed in the void above the ceilings in the bathrooms and locker areas, and in the corridors outside of these rooms at the Peterborough Distribution Centre.

"Investigations into this issue are ongoing and we are working hard to remove the cameras as a matter of priority.

"We understand the discovery of these cameras may be concerning, and during this time we are offering support to co-workers on-site."

However, some staff members told The Peterborough Telegraph they were not satisfied with the explanation given.

According to the outlet, following the discovery, several employees are considering their legal options.

Newsweek has contacted IKEA for comment.

Hidden cameras have been found in toilets in a number of unrelated disturbing episodes, including in the U.S.

Earlier this month, a parishioner of a California church was arrested after hidden cameras were found inside women's bathrooms.

Stephen Ramirez, 32, allegedly installed two recording devices inside the female toilets at the L.A. Pentecostal Church, in Bell Gardens.

The Bell Gardens Police department said they were notified after staff found the cameras on Sunday, August 29.

Detectives found several children, aged between five and 16, and several women were filmed as they used the facilities.

According to police, Ramirez handed himself in to the police on August 31 and was subsequently arrested.

He was charged with invasion of privacy and lewd conduct.

Logo of a Scandivanian furniture store Ikea
A picture shows the logo of a Scandivanian furniture chain store Ikea, on January 13, 2021 in Saint-Herblain, outside of the city of Nantes. Cameras were found in the toilet of an English IKEA center. Getty Images/LOIC VENANCE / AFP

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