Stanford Sexual Assault Victim Reveals Her Name, Face Ahead of '60 Minutes' Appearance

Chanel Miller was known for years as "Emily Doe," the anonymous victim of sexual assault at the hands of Stanford swimmer Brock Turner. But she's revealing her name, face and voice in a 60 Minutes interview with Bill Whitaker on Sunday, September 22, on CBS.

Miller's appearance comes ahead of the release of her book, Know My Name, hitting stores on September 24.

In 2016, Miller's case garnered much attention, particularly after BuzzFeed published a statement she read aloud in court to Turner, who was convicted of three felony sexual assault charges by a California jury.

Her story, which preceded the #MeToo movement, was supported by two eyewitnesses, who stopped and subdued Turner. He faced a maximum of 14 years in state prison. Instead, he was sentenced to six months in a county jail with three years of probation and the requirement he register as a sex offender.

Activists railed against the lenient sentence, which ignited a nationwide conversation about sexual violence and rape culture on college campuses.

In a preview clip for her 60 Minutes segment, Miller appears in a dark recording studio reading the statement in which she asked the judge if she could address Turner directly.

She then starts with the line, "You don't know me, but you've been inside me."

She has been known to the world as “Emily Doe,” the sexual assault victim of Stanford swimmer Brock Turner. Now she’s revealing her name and face. Chanel Miller, here reading her victim impact statement, gives her first interview to "60 Minutes"

— 60 Minutes (@60Minutes) September 4, 2019

Throughout her statement, Miller details the assault, the immediate aftermath and the dehumanizing experience of a trial to prove the hurt Turner caused her.

She also speaks to Turner directly, debunking many of the defenses his attorney presented in court.

"If your plan was to stop only when I became unresponsive, then you still do not understand. You didn't even stop when I was unconscious anyway," wrote Miller. "Someone else stopped you. Two guys on bikes noticed I wasn't moving in the dark and had to tackle you. How did you not notice while on top of me?"

Miller becomes emotional while rereading the line, "You cannot give me back the life I had before that night, either."

Turner served three months of his six-month sentence. Judge Aaron Persky was eventually recalled for the lenient sentence he gave Turner.

The episode of 60 Minutes with Chanel Miller will air at 7:30 p.m. EDT on Sunday, September 22.

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