'Star Trek Fleet Command' Mobile Game Coming to Android and iOS

The upcoming multiplayer strategy game Star Trek Fleet Command, which comes to Android and iOS Nov. 29, centers on ship-to-ship battles and role-playing progression. In a press release on Friday, Scopely and CBS Interactive promised fans a "fast-paced strategy experience."

Fleet Command will have a branching campaign, with hundreds of available missions and branching narrative paths. Players assemble crews, recruiting Enterprise characters like James Kirk, Spock and Uhura. And it's not limited to the Federation's Starfleet either, with the ability to play multiple factions with different officers and tech, including Klingons and Romulans.

Build crews in "Star Trek Fleet Command." CBS Interactive / Scopely

One element separating Fleet Command from other Star Trek mobile games, like Star Trek Timelines, is the setting. Fleet Command is set in the Kelvin Universe (or Abramsverse), which split from the original timeline in the 2009 Star Trek reboot.

A big part of gameplay takes place across a sprawling galactic map, with multiple destinations around every planet. Dialogue with members of your crew and opposing alien captains plays across the bottom of the screen, like in an RPG.

Combat looks more limited, with most tactical decisions made by assessing the relative strengths of the competing ships, then booping the "Attack" button.

A big part of gameplay takes place aboard your space station command center, where resources won can be used to upgrade Operations and other buildings that confer combat bonuses when out exploring.

There's also a social element, with players able to join Alliances.

Scopely uses "a proprietary technology platform that creates personalized user experiences and effectively monetizes free-to-play games," which means Star Trek Fleet Command is loaded with by-now standard freemium monetizing, complete with loot chests that unlock every few hours, "speed up tokens" and purchasable latinum (converted into officer tokens for recruiting popular crewmembers).

Star Trek Fleet Command will be released Nov. 29.

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