'Star Trek: Picard' Premiere Reactions From Cast Praise Cinematic All Access Series

On Monday, the cast and crew of Star Trek: Picard assembled in Hollywood for a premiere screening of the streaming series' first three episodes. Enthusiastic reactions were shared by attendees after the premiere and on the red carpet before.

"I'm thrilled with what we've done," Picard star and executive producer Patrick Stewart said. "I'm thrilled by the diversity, the contrast, the way that we have gone out into unknown worlds. And I'm not talking about space, I'm talking about character relationships and so forth."

Stewart's and other red carpet appearances were shared in an official video released to StarTrek.com.

Scenes from the #StarTrekPicard Hollywood Premiere ✨ #StarTrek https://t.co/557u3PezZ4 pic.twitter.com/FFGUKtTfF4

— Star Trek (@StarTrek) January 14, 2020

Stewart complimented the Picard writing team in particular, including Pulitzer Prize winning author and showrunner Michael Chabon.

"This is a science fiction story, it's a space story. There are starships, there are phasers and all of that, but it's really a story about people," Chabon said at the premiere. "It's a story about emotion and life and what it does to you, and how things don't always turn out the way you were hoping they will and what do you do about it once you realize that. There was a lot of emotion we were trying to get across."

The new #StarTrekPicard cast on the red carpet at the premiere. Get a sneak peak into their characters as they describe their character in 3 words. pic.twitter.com/yl1BJs5jo6

— Star Trek on CBS All Access (@startrekcbs) January 14, 2020

Jeri Ryan, who returns in Picard as Star Trek: Voyager character Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01, was also in attendance and described the series as "very cinematic."

"It was like shooting a feature film for every episode," Ryan added.

Jeri Ryan returns as Seven of Nine in "Star Trek: Picard." CBS All Access

Several cast members and attendees also provided their reactions to the three episodes after the premiere, including Star Trek: The Next Generation alum Gates McFadden (whose character, Dr. Beverly Crusher, will not appear in Picard's first season), who complimented both Stewart and Jonathan Del Arco, who returns as the Borg named Hugh, from TNG.

"Loved the writing, tone," McFadden said in a tweet. "And Picard speaks FRENCH!"

Other attendees revealed additional minor plot points, such as those shared by an anonymous account, who verified their presence with a photograph from inside the theater.

Just out of the 3ep Star Trek #Picard premiere! Amazing first 120 minutes. 1. Yes, they reused the TNG fanfare for opening credits. 2. Yes, Picard has the iromodic syndrome. 3. Big Janeway cliffhanger at the end of episode 3! pic.twitter.com/k1tzKwFvkP

— Flogo (@Flogo20) January 14, 2020

According to the anonymous guest, Star Trek: Picard continues a plot point first mentioned in The Next Generation finale "All Good Things..." in which Picard is revealed to have a neurodegenerative disorder, called irumodic syndrome, in his old age. But even more surprising is a possible connection to Star Trek: Voyager and that series' captain, Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew).

Other reactions were positive, though less revealing.

Absolute MAGIC is created when you put together a talented cast who genuinely ❤️ working together & pair it with outstanding writing, direction, music, choreography & special FX. The story of honor, integrity & decency are what we need right now #Picard #StarTrek #StarTrekPicard pic.twitter.com/EWmJVTMsgW

— Dawn M Newton (@dawnmnewton) January 14, 2020

My favorite moment from the Star Trek: Picard premiere is Sir Patrick Stewart reminding us that the LA Times called him an "unknown British Shakespearean actor" in our first story about him in TNG pic.twitter.com/8PK92OBtyK

— Tracy Brown (@tracycbrown) January 14, 2020

It's really good. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Feels fresh that it's not a Starfleet crew, but storytelling in a very respectful Trek way in today's storytelling environment. Cinematic. Great effects. #Picard pic.twitter.com/3hm2kfQHMD

— Todd (@wetodded) January 15, 2020

For the U.K. premiere of Star Trek: Picard the London Underground station Picadilly Circus was transformed into Picardilly Circus. The screening for the U.K. premiere will be held on Wednesday evening, which means additional reactions from critics and fans are likely to emerge on social media in the early afternoon in the United States.

No, you're not seeing things. PICARDilly Space Station is open for business for one day only. It's glorious although we're kinda gutted we didn't think of Spockfosters.#StarTrekPicard pic.twitter.com/YVyjCq6mCe

— Amazon Prime Video UK (@primevideouk) January 15, 2020

For everyone not on the red carpet, Star Trek: Discovery premieres on streaming service CBS All Access on January 23.

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